🥇☕Best Strong K Cup Coffee in 2024

Top 3 of the Strongest K Cup Coffees You Can Buy

So you finally took the plunge and purchased a Keurig coffee machine but after a few attempts you find the caffeine kick just isn’t what you’re used to.

And so the search begins for a stronger, tastier K cup coffee that is going to get your day moving.

Lucky for you we have experienced this very problem and did some research for the best k cup coffees available on the market.  We have put together a list of our favorite 3 K cup coffees as well as the features we love about the coffee.

However, before we get into the nuts and bolts of the best strong K Cup Coffee, let’s take a brief look at what caffeine is and a few interesting facts about it.

Top 3 Strongest K Cup Coffees – Top 3 List

So what is Caffeine and what does coffee have to do with it?

Caffeine is a marvelous substance that is enjoyed and embraced globally. The beverage most renowned for containing caffeine is coffee, whether it’s served hot or cold, black or with milk, robust or flavored.

It is consumed while catching up with friends, first thing in the morning to get your day started and even in the afternoon to get over the afternoon slump.

For those that want to know the exact science behind how caffeine is made, here is a brief explanation.  Caffeine is made by an enzyme known as alpha-caffeine-semialdehyde-CoA hydrolase, which breaks down the amino acid, arginine. The enzyme has a complicated cycle where arginine, acting as a base, attaches to an enzyme molecule and forms caffeic acid. This then breaks down in the presence of oxygen, releasing an alkaline, which is then converted to caffeine.

How does Caffeine Effect the Body?

Caffeine’s most well known effect on the human body is its stimulating effect on our central nervous system.  It promotes our heart rate and blood flow around the body, giving you the feeling of energy and alertness.  This is the primary reason people consume the product while at work or first thing in the morning.

However, consuming caffeine should be only in measured amounts and not be taken too lightly in excessive amounts.  Individuals who have consumed too much caffeine from their body to handle may appear shakey, restless and nervous.  This is due to the over stimulation of their central nervous system.  They may also have trouble sleeping or settling down.

So if you find yourself experiencing any of the above symptoms, you may want to consider reducing the amount of caffeine you are ingesting.

How Much Caffeine is Safe to Consume?

Unfortunately there is no hard and fast answer to this question.

The best answer you will find without knowing more intimate details about your health, lifestyle and other personal factors is – it depends.

Limited amounts of caffeine, such as 150 mg per day, is considered a light caffeine consumer.

However, as we stated above, this may be influenced by certain factors in your life.  For example, you may be a light eater, in which case little amounts of caffeine may have a greater affect on you than someone who eats normally.  Whereas, a heavy eater would need to consume more amounts of caffeine to receive the same response.

Top 3 Reviews of the Best Strong K Cup Coffees Available

Now that you are aware of the factors around caffeine and the symptoms to look for when you have consumed too much coffee, let’s take a look at what we have all been waiting for – the best strong K Cup coffees.


Peets Coffee Dickasons Complex Layered

First in our recommendations for the Best Strong K Cup Coffee is Peet’s Coffee Dickasons – dark roast.

This beautifully balanced K Cup of Coffee epitomizes the rich flavors that Peet’s is reknown for.  The K Cup pods deliver a full-bodied single cup of coffee to get your day moving.

In this case we love the Dark Roast for the superior taste and strength you receive from a single cup of coffee.  There is just something invigorating with the hints of smokiness from the dark roasts.

The Peet’s Dark Roast K Cup Coffee comes in a 75 pack for great value to be enjoyed every morning.


  • great value with a 75 pack that will last a few months with daily consumption
  • smooth, full bodied smokey flavors with a big caffeine kick


  • only one flavor in the pack, so not for individuals who are after variety

Folgers Coffee Keurig Brewers

Next on our top recommended K Cup strong coffees is Folgers Black Silk Coffee.

Yes – it is as strong and smooth as it sounds.  With a name like Black Silk you can only expect the richest of flavors that are smooth to taste.  All delivered from one convenient K Cup of coffee.

The pods have been optimally designed for Keurig brewers, and have the added bonus of being recyclable (if your city offers those services).

This value pack comes with 6 boxes of 12 pods – so is on par with the Peet’s Coffee above.


  • great value with a 72 pack that will last a few months with daily consumption
  • silky smooth taste with a rich and aromatic flavor


  • only one flavor in the pack, so not for individuals who are after variety

1850 by Folgers Black Gold Dark Roast Coffee 

Another strong coffee brought to you by Folgers – they are definitely building a brand that is known for it’s strength!

This particular roast is a dark roast by Folgers, however in this particular blend they have developed the sweet dark cocoa notes with a smooth delivery.

Strength is not a problem in this dark roast blend by Folgers – with a huge caffeine hit that will get your ready to attack your day.


  • beautifull balanced with sweet dark cocoa notes
  • silky smooth taste with a rich and aromatic flavor
  • high caffeine content


  • even though they have an impressive 60 pod value pack, it is the lowest of our recommend 3 strong K Cup Coffees

Final Verdict

So there you have it, 3 of the very best K Cup Coffees to get your day started.

We have also covered the key factors of caffeine and how to recognize when you have had a little bit too much for your body.

Let us know what your favorite K Cup Coffee is in the comments below.