How to Use GoWise Air Fryer – Best Tips and Guides 2023

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Tips and Guides on How to Use GoWise Air Fryer in 2023

Because they think all air fryers are the same, many consumers have no idea how to use GoWise air fryer in 2023. They were, on the other hand, wrong. Using the GoWise air fryer? Here are some safety tips, recommendations, and instructions to get you started.

A kitchen equipment that cooks food by circulating superheated air around it is known as an air fryer. The circulating hot air and oil create a crispy outside with a delicate interior, similar to traditional frying. French fries, onion rings, chicken wings, dried fruit, vegetables, and other foods can all be cooked in the air fryer.

The GoWise air fryer is a revolutionary piece of kitchen equipment that will change the way you cook! Simple operations and a beautiful aesthetic have made cooking less of a chore. The items include a variety of culinary options, such as chicken, french fries, and more. It also includes a timer so you can keep track of how long each thing takes to cook.

Basic information about How to Use GoWise Air Fryer

Before diving into the How to Use Gowise Air Fryer section, it’s a good idea to brush up on your appliance’s basics. You’ll need to know what pieces are included in the package, how to put it together, and all of the fundamental safety instructions. Always remember that without safety measures, it can be really dangerous to run an electrical device.

Important Safety Measures

Always read and follow your owner’s handbook for all recommendations and precautions when using this equipment to ensure safety during the cooking process. When using this air fryer, keep the following safety precautions in mind:

  • Make sure the basket isn’t overflowing. This could result in hot oil leaking when cooking or when removing the basket afterward, creating a burn hazard to you and others in your kitchen.
  • While cooking, never leave the appliance alone. If the device is accidently turned on when no one is nearby to watch the settings, unattended cooking can cause a fire.
  • When the fryer is hot or in use, keep small children away from it. Although the air fryer’s cool-touch housing avoids burns during normal operation, it’s recommended to avoid handling the heating elements. Else, the exterior of the air fryer when it’s hot, especially right after cooking.
  • Avoid putting combustible things near the fryer. If clothing, curtains, or other textiles come into touch with heated oil, they will immediately catch fire.
  • Never submerge the air fryer housing or plug in water or any other liquid, as this could result in an electric shock or a short circuit.

Setting Up Before Using GoWise Air Fryer for the First Time

Place all of the key components on a big dry area after you’ve finished unboxing your new air fryer. You should begin by inserting the frying basket into the fryer base and then plugging it in. Then, without shutting the cover of your air fryer, open it and set it away.

Now comes the fun part: adding ingredients to our machine, so go to your local grocery shop and pick up a bag or two of pre-cut frozen fries or chicken wings and get ready to cook! To cook with an air fryer, we must first understand how it operates, correct?

Now that we know how our machine will work, we can go on to the exciting part: cooking. However, before you become overly enthused, ensure that you read and comprehend the directions for your air fryer, as each machine is unique.

Use of the GoWise 5.8-quart air fryer can be done easily if you follow the manual’s guidelines. Using the GoWise air fryer is a simple process that only takes a matter of minutes.

Furthermore, this device features an LCD screen and preset buttons for foods like as chicken wings, fries, sausage, shrimp, and more, reducing the amount of guessing necessary in preparing specific dishes.

How to Use GoWise Air Fryer

Whether you’re new to air fryers or have some experience, you’ll find all the information you need on how to use the GoWise Air Fryer below. To be fair, this fantastic device is so simple to operate that all it takes is a few milliseconds of reading.

Step 1: Plugging in the Machine

Simply connecting in the machine is the first step. Yes, it’s that simple. Local rules, which normally stipulate voltage and frequency requirements for domestic appliances, should be followed for the power you need at home.

Step 2: Preparing Food

You don’t want to overcrowd your air fryer basket like you would any other fryer. The nicest thing about an air fryer is that it doesn’t require any preheating or cooking time, so you can start frying right away after adding all of the ingredients.

The sole exception is frozen meals such as French fries or chicken nuggets, which will require some defrosting time before being properly fried. We usually recommend putting out the ingredients before starting the machine to make things easy for you.

When all of the ingredients are done, use cooking tongs to arrange them in a single layer inside the basket.

Step 3: Preparing the Machine

This is the next step in the GoWise air fryer’s operation. It’s time to put the safety mesh inside the machine after your food is done. Lifting the lid safety lock entirely up until you hear a “click” sound is the safest way to do so.

The safety mesh can then be carefully lowered into place on top of the heating element, ensuring that none of its four corners are higher than the rim of the fryer basket.

Step 4: Programming the Machine

You can begin frying right immediately, but if you prefer to follow the recipes in your air fryer’s instruction booklet, now is the moment to adjust the cooking time and temperature as directed.

These Air Fryers are simple to operate and even simpler to configure for numerous functions. All you have to do is press one button (the “Mode” button) to switch between all of the presets. Some presets are -cake, fish, fries, and so on.

After selecting your favorite preset, spin the timer knob on top of the machine clockwise until the specified cooking time is reached. Or, you can click the up/down arrow buttons if necessary to keep them lit up. Because the temperature is controlled by moving the timer knob. There is no separate knob for it.

Step 5: Cooking Time

After you have programmed the machine, you will have to wait for your food to be ready before eating it. However, if the dish is still not thoroughly cooked after an hour of air frying at 360F or 180C, feel free to change the temperature or cooking time to your liking.

Step 6: Removing the Basket

The sixth step in operating the GoWise air fryer is to remove the basket. When all ingredients are fried to perfection, unlock the fryer’s lid by pressing down on the unlock button on the machine’s top.

Following that, using cooking gloves, remove the basket containing your exquisite dinner and set aside for a few moments. This is done to avoid being burned by any remaining hot oil.

Step 7: Removing the Safety Mesh

I discussed how to prepare your machine for frying earlier in this section. Now is the moment to organize your belongings and tidy up after yourself. When removing the safety mesh from your fryer’s heating element, there are a few simple procedures to follow.

Simply follow these three simple rules:

  1. Lift it completely until you hear a click, slowly lower it into position on top of the heating element.
  2. Don’t touch any electrical components.
  3. And, maintain four corners firmly on top of the rim of your fryer basket while gradually lowering the mesh into position.

Step 8: Cleaning Up

After that, just remove the removable elements (basket, mesh, and cooking pot) and wash them in warm soapy water according to your manual’s instructions. Before putting away the removable parts, let them dry on a towel.

That’s all; now you may unwind or do something else while you wait for your food for cooking process. Air frying has the advantage of allowing you to multitask and spend your time doing more essential things like unicorn hunting (we assume).

Tips for How to Use GoWise Air Fryer when cooking

In many households, the air fryer has become an indispensable device. It’s not just a one-trick pony for frying dishes without using oil; it’s also great for grilled cheese sandwiches, roasted vegetables, and even crispy chicken wings. Here are a few pointers to make the most of your new appliance:

  • Make sure to cut your meal into equal-sized pieces so that it cooks evenly. When utilizing an air fryer, the same concept applies as when using any other oven or hot plate: the larger the surface area, the faster it cooks.
  • Before using your air fryer, brown the meat on all sides in a skillet over high heat (i.e., put and potatoes around the chicken thighs). As a result, the meat will cook more quickly and the potatoes will not become mush.
  • Add around a teaspoon of oil per 1 cup of veggies for items with a greater water content (such as mushrooms, zucchini, carrots, and so on). This will ensure that your air fryer produces lovely golden-brown results. d d d d
  • Overcrowding your air fryer basket will reduce its efficiency and cause the food to steam rather than cook rapidly, so avoid doing this at all costs. There is a lot of heat absorption in the machine if you put too much food in it, so it takes longer for anything to cook.

FAQs about How to Use GoWise Air Fryer

Do You have to Preheat the Air Fryer?

No, but it’s something you should do. Before cooking, the GoWISE USA it’s better to preheat the air fryer. The amount of time it takes to heat up your air fryer depends on the brand and power it has. Also, it depends on how well as the dish you’re creating. This is to guarantee that the unit’s internal temperature is high enough to cook food rapidly.

Can you Put Water in an Air Fryer to Clean?

Yes, an air fryer can be cleaned with water. You can carry out this method with any type of liquid. Before using the equipment, make sure it is completely dry. The amount of liquid used and the type of food cooked in your air fryer affect the duration between uses.

Due to the likelihood that food particles will remain in your air fryer following cleanup, we recommend cleaning it with water. But clean after every time you use it, regardless of whether anything remains from previous use.

Do You have to Clean Air Fryer after Every Use?

Every time you use the air fryer, you won’t have to clean it up. It is dependent on the sort of application. Cleaning your air fryer after each usage is highly preferable if you are frying breaded foods to avoid any type of sticking in the basket or other areas of the fryer.

Final Thought about How to Use GoWise Air Fryer

This air fryer device is an excellent way to cook your favorite foods without the use of oil. You may enjoy tasty fried dishes without feeling guilty with this air fryer. However, before you begin learning how to operate the GoWise air fryer, it is critical that you first read the fundamental handbook.

The user manual lets you know about the safety precautions and guidelines for using an air fryer in general. Take care while handling something as delicate as a frying pan. It could be tempting to jump right in and start cooking, but don’t take any chances!

Once you’ve accomplished these procedures, browse through the recipes and directions for delicious dishes created by these Air Friers or by other chefs who are as enthusiastic about their equipment as we are. So, that would be all from us today on the topic of GoWise Air Fryer.