🥇🍳Best Nespresso Vertuo Capsules for Latte in 2024

Discover the Best Nespresso Vertuo Pods for Making Lattes

Nespresso has been a favorite among coffee lovers for many years. But, is the Vertuo System as good as the original?

The Vertuo is a line of espresso machines and capsules by Nespresso that allows you to make both coffee and espresso from one machine.

It’s a great machine for those who love coffee and espresso, and don’t want the hassle of having to make them with two different machines.

What is the Best Nespresso Vertuo Capsules for Lattes?

The Nespresso Vertuo is a new coffeemaker that many coffee aficionados are excited about. The machines and capsules are a bit more expensive than the average coffee maker, but they are also more precise.

This article will help you figure out which Nespresso Vertuo capsule to buy so you can make the perfect latte.

What is the Formula for the Perfect Latte?

Before you can make the perfect latte, you need to know what the formula for the perfect latte is. There are three main components of a latte: espresso, milk, and foam. Espresso is all taken care for you by the Nespresso Vertuo and variety of available flavors to choose from.

When it comes to the milk, it really is up to you whether you choose full cream, skim or even half-and-half.  Finding it hard to decide, maybe try going no milk and enjoy an espresso.

The foam is the aerated milk that sits on top of the espresso and the milk to give it a silky texture and luxurious drinking experience.

All these three ingredients combined is what creates that wonderful feeling when you enjoy your latte.

Now you know the formula for making the perfect latte, let’s get into discovering what gives the true flavor of the coffee to your latte – the Nespresso Vertuo Capsules!

Top 3 Best Nespresso Vertuo Capsules for Making the Perfect Latte

Nespresso Capsules Vertuo Medium Intenso

Medium Intense Variety Pack

If you are into Nespresso coffees on the medium end of the intensity scale, this variety pack is for you.  This variety pack offers up a flavor journey for you to explore from the Odacio (intensity rating 7), to the Stormio (intensity rating 8) and  Melozio (intensity rating 6)  You won’t be short of coffees to try with this pack.

Each has their very own unique flavor profile to match the intensity and ensure you end up with a satisfyingly good Americano to enjoy.

Intenso Dark Roast Coffee

We reviewed this coffee pod earlier (first review).  If you want to revisit the description for the Intenso Dark Roast coffee please refer above for


  • value pack with four flavors to experience and select your favorite to enjoy each morning
  • extra value with the number of pods you receive (when compared to buying separately)
  • perfect for families that have members with different coffee tastes


  • choice can be overwhelming sometimes

Nespresso Vertuo Bold Assortment Count

This is one is a bit of a cheats option for those who hate making decisions and cannot single out the best Nespresso Vertuo Capsule.

This is a value pack with an assorted variety of flavors and intensities to try each day with your latte.

We love this option, because it gives you the opportunity to explore the different flavors and origins of the beans.  It is almost like you are taking a world tour of the different coffee origins, sampling only the best of the best.

This value pack is also great because it allows you to be flexible in your coffee adventures.  You don’t have to be rigid in your coffee preferences – some days you just feel like having a softer coffee, and some days a strong one will only suffice.

You will receive the following:

  • 20 Diavolitto Capsules and
  • 20 Altissio Capsules


  • gives you flexibility in choice of coffee on the day
  • classic strong coffee flavors that will surely satisfy your coffee cravings


  • not necessarily will suit everyone’s taste

Nespresso Capsules Vertuo Caramel Cookie

This may not be up everyone’s alley, however we wanted to include this one for those of you who have a fun side and like to try something new.

This new variation on the Vertuo line is a very quirky but delicious option for that cheeky latte in the afternoon.  The Caramel Cookie flavor makes this latte feel like a bit of magic.

With Brazilian origins in the coffee beans, it provides a medium dark roast, to ensure the coffee flavor isn’t lost in the added caramel flavors.

As for the caramel cookie flavors that shine through, there are hints of coconut and almond biscuit that hit the pallet after the coffee flavor has subsided.

The brilliance with the Vertuo line is that because the pods allow for the flexibility, you can have a smaller intense latte, or an XL latte with more milk that you can nurse with your favorite book.


  • fun for a special treat in the afternoon
  • medium to dark roast which ensures you still get your coffee flavor


  • not necessarily will suit everyone’s taste

Buyers Guide for Latte Strength and Flavor Profile

Coffee Roast

The roast of a coffee bean will ultimately determine the flavor and intensity that comes through when you drink the hot beverage.  It is measured in the color of the beans once they come out of the roasting vats.

The range that the coffee beans roast levels are measured is from light to medium to dark roasted coffee.

Lightly roasted coffee beans tend to produce a milder tasting coffee and really enhance their naturally occurring fruity or floral tones in the flavor.

When it comes to medium roasted coffee, the beans are roasted for slightly longer and the flavors tend to intensify.  Medium roasts are generally the preferred level for most coffee drinkers who are really just in it for the caffeine hit.  It is the middle ground and therefore the best for the average Jo.  Mainly because it sits nicely in the middle and it has a good coffee kick with some tasty flavors depending on the origin of the bean.

Obviously the darker roast you go, the more intense the coffee.  Dark roasts are generally reserved for coffee drinkers that like no milk and are drinking for the rich intense flavors of the coffee.

This brings us to your next consideration…bean origin.

Bean Origin

Coffee beans come from a range of countries – each with their own climate and nuances to their coffee flavor.

The source (or bean origin) will determine the flavors that are enhanced during the roasting process.  Many companies will mix beans with different origins to create new flavors for new tasting experiences.

The two main types of coffee beans available from different countries are Robusta and Arabica beans.  You will probably have heard or read about Arabica coffee beans, mainly because they are perceived as the higher quality bean and companies like to advertise that they have them included in their coffee.

The Arabica beans generally produce more flavorful coffee, with many fruity tones and flavors.  Whereas Robusta coffee beans are known for their stronger coffee taste and higher caffeine content.

Flavor and Profile

As we mentioned earlier, the flavor, tones and notes of a coffee are determined by the type and origin of the beans.  The roast of the bean will also help to give the coffee a soft notes of the flavors (for light roasts) to strong intense notes in the coffee (for darker roasts).

What is great about Nespresso capsules is that they help to identify the flavors, tones and notes by conveniently producing flavor capsules to suit even the pickiest of coffee drinkers.

What we love about Nespresso is that you can taste a range of coffees and literally travel around the world sampling each countries coffee profile on every other day.

Final Verdict

Enjoying the perfect latte in the morning is a modern age ritual that has been simplified by Nespresso with their latest espresso machine line – the Vertuo.

It makes making a coffee as simple as the push of a button – from brewing the coffee to frothing the milk for a silky smooth latte experience.

The only thing left to do is decide which flavor profile you want to enjoy today.  With our buyers guide and our top 3 recommendaitons for the Vertuo capsules, there isn’t much more for you to do, but sit back and sip away at your coffee with your favorite book.