🥇🍞Best American Made Toasters in 2024

American Made Toasters built in the USA – Our Favorites

If you are sick and tired of replacing your toaster due to cheap materials or poor construction, then it is time you checked out our Best American Made Toasters list to find your next quality made toaster.

Maybe you simply prefer to buy goods and services closer to home because you know you can trust the quality of the build.  Another perk is in the end, if any issues arise with your toaster, you know you can pick up the phone and speak to a local service agent.

Whatever your reason, let’s get into our favorite USA made toasters and explore how you can tell if the toasters are actually made in America.

Best American Made Toasters – Our Favorites

Okay, so the truth of the matter is that not many toasters are made in America anymore.

There could be many reasons for this. Especially in a growing world economy where more emphasis is placed on the bottom line for businesses.  It makes financial sense for businesses to focus on their core products and outsource the more basic products to countries that have the means to produce with scale.

With that being said, we have performed extensive research into the best American made toasters, and it is with much disappointment that we could not find a single toaster being made here in the US of A.

What we did manage to find is a reputable American owned and made company that distributes US appliances directly here in America.  We cannot say for certain whether all the parts and materials used in the toasters are sourced locally, or even if they are assembled on home soil.  What we do know is that this means you know when you are purchasing from their products, you are helping to support American jobs and a locally owned company.

It will also mean if any issues come up with their products you will be able to talk to service representatives from America and deal with any issues without being sent overseas for customer support.


You will happy to know Cruisinart is a proud American company owned by Conair Corporation which is based in Stamford, Conneticut.  Conair Corporation is the parent company of Cruisinart that was founded in 1959 and has been proudly selling consumer goods like small appliances and personal care products to the American market.

However, let’s take a look at what you are here for, an American made toaster!  The Cruisinart CPT-320 has everything you need to make yourself perfectly cooked toast for breakfast.

A Shade Control Setting feature allows you to adjust the degree of browness for your toast so you can customize it to each person’s preference.

The Cruisinart also has extra wide slots to allow for thicker foods to be toasted, such as bagels and muffins.  And yes – it even has a Bagel setting built into the toaster so that only one heating element operates to toast the open face of the bagel (and doesn’t burn the bottom of the bagel)!  Extremely handy for the bagel enthusiasts.


  • Heating adjustment settings options
  • Extra wide slots for flexibility in type of foods toasted
  • Settings include: Bagel, Defrost, Reheat and Cancel


  •  limited to two pieces of food to cook at the one time
  • aesthetically not exciting

Chefman 2-Slice Pop-Up Stainless Steel Toaster

Chefman is a local business founded in 2011 with it’s headquarters in Mahwah, New Jersey.

They are not a big player in small appliances space, but what they lack in size, they make up for in vision and dedication.

Let’s take a look at one of their top selling toasters – the Hamburger Stainless Steel 2-slice Toaster.

With extra wide slots that can accomodate foods (other than bread) such as bagels, frozen waffles and ready-made pancakes, you won’t be disappointed with the Chefman 2-slice Pop-up toaster.

The toaster comes with a feature Chefman call ‘Shade Settings’.  Which is really just a fancy way of saying that you can choose between seven settings for the degree of heat applied to your food.

Other features include a Bagel Setting (only toasting the cut side of the bagel), Defrost Setting which is handy for cooking waffles straight out of the freezer and Re-heat which is great for when you forget about your toast and it has started to cool down.


  • very stylish toaster that will fit almost all kitchen decor
  • many heat settings that allow for customized toast preferences
  • many feature settings such as bagel, defrost and reheat


  • not the most technologically advanced toaster, however it is American owned so you can purchase with confidence and know that you are supporting local business

Buyer’s Guide for the Best American Made Toasters for You

When looking at the perfect toaster for your needs, there are a few features you should look for in your next toaster.  In this buyer’s guide to purchasing your next toaster, we will identify the important aspects of a toaster to consider.

Heating Element Design

The most important part of a toaster is the heating element.  Without which, you would not have toasted bread, muffins or waffles.

When you purchase a toaster you need to make sure the heating element is powerful enough to provide an even toasting and brown coloration on your food.

Most toasters now come with adjustable heat settings to be allow customization of your toast to your preference.

Width and Height of Toasting Slots

This is probably one of the most important features in a toaster.  In fact it is right up there with the heating element.

If the toasting slots were too wide, or too shallow your toast will come out uneven and poorly cooked.  And unfortunately even the most advanced, expensive heating element isn’t going to be able to fix the cook of your toast.

So what do you look for in the perfect toasting slot?  This will depend on what you intend to cook in your toaster.  If you want to cook crumpets and muffins, in addition to toast, the toaster slots will need to be at least wide enough to allow the larger foods to slot in without getting caught (and potentially burnt).  If you are looking to cook frozen waffles, then you will need to give the toaster slot width an even greater allowance.   We have actually reviewed the best toasters for waffles in another Buyer’s Guide that you can check out if that’s your intention.

Another aspect of the toaster slot is the depth of the slot.  You will want to ensure the toaster has deep slots to allow for an even cook all around the foods that you are toasting. If any piece of the bread is sticking out, it will be uncooked and unpleasant to eat.

Preview Mode

Fortunately toaster manufacturers have been innovating their designs to allow consumers to preview their food while toasting.  This helps to monitor the degree of toasting that occurs on your bread food and allows you to make last minute adjustments to your toasting preference.

Some toasters have incorporated this feature by allowing people to lift the toasting lever that brings the toast up above the heating elements for inspection.  Or some toasters have ingeniously developed heat proof see through materials for the casing of the toaster, so you can watch your toast through the walls of the device.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an American home made toaster, unfortunately with the way world trade is at the moment, you will be searching for quite a while.  What we did do however is uncover toasters that are owned, sold and guaranteed by American companies.  So you can buy with the knowledge that you will receive service and products that have the American spirit you know and have come to trust.

All the toasters in our article are good quality American owned toasters.  However if we had to pick our favorite of the toasters would have to would have to be the Chefman for the pure aesthetics of the toaster for our kitchen.