Best Coffee Maker with K Cup Option in 2024

Top Coffee Makers with a Built In K Cup Feature

We love coffee in all its forms, but we don’t love the mess that comes with it.

We’ve tried many methods for brewing coffee, but we always end up back at my drip coffee maker. It’s simple and delivers a great taste.

But drip coffee makers are not without their drawbacks. Cleaning the carafe is a pain, and the coffee can sometimes get stale before we can drink it all.

However, now technology has delivered Coffee Makers with K Cup Options!  It looks like our wishes have been answered!

No more carafe to clean.

No more stale coffee.

No more mess!

Coffee is popular because it wakes you up, but the coffee maker you use can make a big difference in how good your final product tastes. In this article, we are going to look at the most popular coffee makers with Built-in K Cup Options.

Top 3 Reviews for Best Coffee Maker with K Cup Option

Keurig K Duo Coffee Single Compatible

Another great option for a dual coffee maker with K Cup is the self branded Keurig K Duo Coffee Maker.  In this wonderful little coffee maker, you have the option of brewing a 12 cup carafe of filter coffee, OR a single K Cup serve for those moments when you want something a little bit different.

With a large 60 ounce water reserve, you won’t be constantly filling up the coffee maker and waiting for the water to come to temperature.  That next cup of coffee will only ever be moments away.

Like the Hamilton, the Keurig offers a brew strength choice option as well as a programmable carafe auto brew to enable your mornings to be filled with the aroma of a freshly brewed coffee smell.


  • branded specifically for K Cups – so quality will always be top notch
  • many options for brewing different volumes of coffee (not just one setting for a 12 cup filter coffee)
  • brew strength selector and programmable coffee brewing for customization


  • directed more to those who prefer black coffee / Americanos

Cruisinart SS Coffee Maker

Okay, so this one may not entirely fit the brief, in that it isn’t only a K Cup option.  However, we wanted to include this one as an option for diversity in our guide to the Best Dual Coffee Makers top list.

Instead of using a K Cup, the Cruisinart Coffee Maker also allows you to use freshly ground coffee in the single serve filter for a strong, convenient single serve of coffee.

It also offers the usual 12 cup (2.84 l) glass carafes of coffee and features a stainless steel make and solid construction.  It utilizes BPA free materials so you won’t be ingesting any harmful chemicals or toxins.

We love the Cruisinart for the look and convenience of one of the best dual coffee makers on the market.


  • has the added option of K Cup AND filter coffee for the single serve, as well as the 12 cup glass carafe
  • solid company with long reputation for quality
  • brew strength selector and programmable coffee brewing for customization


  • directed more to those who prefer black coffee / Americanos

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Programmable

Definitely one of the most popular dual coffee makers on the market, the Hamilton is the perfect little package when it comes to Dual Coffee Makers.

The Hamilton Beach features two ways of enjoying your next cup of coffee.  Either brew a glass pot of filter coffee with a huge capacity of 12 cups (2.84 l).  Or use the express single serve option direct into a travel mug for on the go occasions.

The Hamilton features safety features such as auto-shutoff options and programmable coffee making options that allow you to safely brew a cup of coffee ready for you as you roll out of bed.

With additional value add-ons such as brew strength selectors and a heating plate, you won’t be without a fresh cup of coffee any longer.


  • small footprint so can be stored away in a kitchen cupboard with ease
  • safety features to prevent any accidents from occurring
  • warming plate and brew strength selector for customization


  • directed more to those who prefer black coffee / Americanos

Top Considerations for Your Next Coffee Maker with K Cup Option- Buyers Guide

In this section we are going to run through some important considerations you should give some thought to BEFORE you commit to your next coffee maker.  Think of it as a step-by-step buyers guide to help you buying the ultimate coffee maker for you.

Materials and Construction

When it comes to the materials used in your next coffee maker, you have quite a few options.  The most popular materials used for coffee makers are glass or a stainless steel with added thermal properties.

If you are in the camp of non-toxic cooking and chemical free appliances, then you will want to opt for the glass options.  It is widely known glass is a safe material for higher temperatures, and will not leach any chemicals or toxins into your food and drink.

On the other hand, stainless steel is also quite a good low toxin option, with the added benefit of keeping you coffee hotter for longer.  That being said, thermal items generally have rubber insulators or plastic lining around the lips for safety reasons (the coffee may be too hot – if there is such a thing!), so the entire appliance won’t be 100% plastic free.

Type of Coffee Brewer

Surprisingly, there are quite a few different options you have for a Dual Coffee Maker with K Cup options.  You have the option of using a drip filter brewing method, which generally allows for a glass carafe of coffee to be ready at any time throughout the day.

A lot of this consideration will be driven by your personal preference for the type of coffee you like to drink.  For those that are generally black coffee drinkers, a filter pot of coffee is always a great option.  And when you are looking for that special cup of coffee treat, then you can use the K Cup option for a single serve.


Where is your coffee maker going to reside?  Is it an appliance you want on the kitchen bench top?  Or are you looking for something that can be tucked away out of sight in a kitchen cupboard.  If you are planning on keeping the appliance on the kitchen bench, then you will want a coffee maker that fits in with your kitchen decor.

Alternatively if you are looking to store it away in a cupboard, then aesthetic appeal may not be high on the must-have features.  However, the space footprint of the coffee machine and the height will be significant factors in your choice.


One final important feature you should look at is the cleaning and maintenance of the coffee machine.

How easy is the machine to clean once used?  How often are you going to be using the machine (and therefore how often are you going to have to clean it)?

The K Cup is generally an easy part of the coffee maker to clean.  However, if you are going to be using the filter drip coffee section more often, then cleaning out the used up coffee grinds can be a chore at the best of times.

Ideally you would find a good balance for the cleaning and maintenance of the coffee maker.  Maybe the maker only requires a good clean at the end of the day, rather than after each use.

Final Verdict

There are many factors that go into choosing the best coffee maker with K Cup option.

We have provided a details step-by-step buyers guide to help you make the best informed decision for buying your next coffee maker.

Alternatively, if you are in a rush to buy a coffee maker, you can opt for the easy option by choosing one of the top 3 recommended makers with K cup options.