🥇☕Best Coffee Roaster Machine for Small Business in 2024

For many people, coffee is life.

It’s the first thing they have when they wake up in the morning.  And it is the first thing they think of when they need a pick me up.  However to make a good cup of coffee, you need the best coffee roaster machine for your small business.

To help you find the perfect roaster we have put together this Buyers Guide for choosing the Right Coffee Roasting Machine for you.

We will look at the features that make the best coffee roaster machines stand apart from the rest, and which features are absolutely necessary for a perfectly roasted coffee bean.

Top 3 Best Coffee Roaster Machine for Small Business – Reviews

Fresh Roast SR540

With the latest coffee roasting machine to be introduced to the SR family, the SR540 is a compact, and efficient little roasting machine that will pump out batch after batch of perfectly roasted coffee beans.

The SR540 boasts a new and improved control board to provide greater control over the heating elements, fan and roasting time of the beans.  Like we said above, greater controls over the heating and roasting of the coffee beans, allows for fine tuning to bring out those subtle nuances in the coffee flavors and tones.

With a larger basket (compared to previous models), the SR540 can now roast up to 120 grams of green coffee beans.

This coffee roasting machine uses a air style of roasting by pushing heated air in and around the coffee beans.

Finall, although it is not a must-have feature in roasters, the glass chamber on this coffee machine allows for an easier visual inspection of the coffee beans being roasted so you can achieve the perfect color on your beans.


  • real time temperature display for greater control
  • heating element improved control from previous models (from low – medium – high to now a 9 level heat adjustment)
  • fan control improvements
  • larger roasting chamber


  • older models coffee baskets will not fit into the new SR540 model.  This may not be of concern for those new to the coffee roasting space, but for those who have upgraded from earlier models, their accessories will become redundant.
  • Not quite set and forget.  If you are a coffee aficionado, you will need to watch your coffee beans until they look like the color roast that you like.

Kaldi Coffee Roaster – Full Package

Now those of you looking for a traditional looking coffee roasting machine, this one will definitely peak your interest.

The Kaldi Coffee Roaster looks like a miniature version of an industrial or commercial coffee roasting machine.

One thing to note about this particular Kaldi Roasting machine requires a gas burner to be supplied.  The good news is that gas burners are not hard to source and you can even pick one up that suits your needs with heat and output control.

The Kaldi Coffee Roaster use a 2mm thick stainless steel drum to roast it’s coffee beans.  The stainless steel feature means maintenance is easier with the cleaning of the equipment.

This particular Kaldi roaster uses an electronic automation system to allow you to step away from the machine and let it do what it does best.  Other machines are more manual and are usually reserved for the coffee roasting aficionados that are very particular about the method of coffee roasting.  For the manual version of the Kaldi roaster continue reading our next review below.

Another advantage of using a drum for the primary roasting chamber is the the batch volumes are usually larger.  In the case of the Kaldi Coffee Roaster, it can roast an impressive 250 grams of beans each time.  When compared to it’s competitors, this can sometimes be double the output to that of air roasting coffee machines.


  • this is a package that includes many of the accessories required to roast coffee beans successfully
  • quality construction and materials used in the machine
  • very good convection properties to retain heat and increases efficiency
  • automated process


  • instructional manual is in Korean – which may add an additional hurdle for those that are new to this space
  • gas heating source must be supplied, however this can be turned around to be an advantage as it means greater control over your heating element.

Kaldi Manual Coffee Roaster (with Sampler)

We wanted to include this option for those coffee roaster lovers that treat this process as an art form.  You know who you are!  This special group of people are generally particular about the color of their roast, the tones that develop, as well as the characteristics of the cofee bean (usually sourced from a hard to find supplier!).  If you do fall into this category, there is nothing to be ashamed of.  Rather we applaud you for wanting to get the best out of life. And this review of the Kaldi Manual Coffee Roaster is for you!

The manual Kaldi Coffee Roasting Machine is a great piece of machinery that is perfect for roasting small batches of coffee beans.  It utilizes a perforated drum style of roasting which allows for an even roasting and air flow around the beans.

Note, like the electric/automated version of the Kaldi Roasting Machines, you will have to supply your own gas heating source.  At first, this may seem like a disadvantage, however we like to look at it as an opportunity to refine your roasting technique by sourcing a gas burner that provides greater control and heat manipulation.

Last, but not least, this version of the Kaldi Coffee Roasting machine contains a sampler for easy inspection of the extent of the roasting on the beans.


  • manual control over speed of drum allows for precision roasting of coffee beans – perfect to achieve the desired color and even roasting of beans.
  • includes a thermometer that accurately measures the coffee bean temperature directly at the source
  • very good convection properties with the use of a perforated drum to retain heat and increases efficiency


  • instructional manual is in Korean – which may add an additional hurdle for those that are new to this space
  • gas heating source must be supplied, however this can be turned around to be an advantage as it means greater control over your heating element.

What features should you look for in the Best Coffee Roaster Machine for your Small Business – Buyers Guide

To be honest, there are a lot of coffee roasting machines available on the market.  It is not hard to see why some people can feel overwhelmed in the process.  We find it useful to define the features that set apart the great coffee roasting machines from the best!

Let’s now take a look at some of the features we focused on to determine our Best Coffee Roaster Machine list.

The Cost

If you are looking for a roasting machine for a small business, it is safe to assume cost is going to factor into your decision making.  Usually, when we talk about costs of a product, our readers prefer to look towards the cheaper, more budget friendly options.  However, when you are considering the purchase of a piece of equipment that is going to be at the heart of your business (such as this coffee roasting machine), the cheapest option may end up costing you more down the line in other ways.

So the question now comes down to what is the best, most affordable, coffee roaster machine for your small business?  Only you can answer this one, however we would recommend not to skimp on this aspect of your business.  We like to think of the purchase of one of the key elements of your business as an investment that will pay dividends with happy customers and quality coffee.

Heat Source

Okay, so now we are starting to get into the technical side of coffee roasting.

With small coffee roasters for small businesses you are going to find two options: electric or gas.

The big commercial vat style coffee roasting machines primarily use gas as a heat source.  So if you are serious about your coffee roasting, you will want to be looking at the gas coffee roasting machines.  Gas powered roasters can use a variety of sources for their fuel, such as propane.  And since gas is currently in large supply, it is a greta choice of fuel source.

Having said that, the electric powered coffee roasters are also extremely efficient.  The one limitation that generally gives the gas powered machines an edge over the electricity powered machines is the capacity.  Electric roasters are generally smaller and are sufficient to supply quality roasted coffee beans for a small business.

Roaster Type

If the heat source was technical, this next one is taking it that one step further.  Not only do you have to consider the type of heat source you will need, you also want to consider which type of coffee roaster will suit your business.  Let’s go over a few of the options available on the market.

Drum Style

There are two types of drum style roasters available for coffee roasting.  You have the traditional solid drum that uses air forced into the drum to heat and roast the coffee beans.  This one will be continuously rotating to ensure an even roast for all beans.

The other drum style roasting machine uses a perforated drum.  Instead of using forced air, this style uses a conductive heat.  This means the heat from the drum itself will roast the beans.  Using a perforated dyum will also utilize convective heat which is the heat bouncing off the surfaces to add additional heat to the beans.

Air Beds

The key difference between the air and a drum roaster is the speed at which the beans are roasted.  Rather than relying on a reflective heat from the drum, air roasters use controlled hot air to roast the beans.  This allows the heat to reach the inner beans, therefore roasting time is quicker.

Output Capacity

This feature is going to determine your businesses efficiency and maximum production capacity.  As a business you will definitely want to understand your roaster’s maximum daily output limitations.

This is important for many reasons.  First and foremost, when your business starts hitting it’s stride and the orders for roasted beans are flowing in, you want to know if your roaster can handle the demand.

Secondly, you want to understand your machine’s limits.  You will find the information in the manufacturers recommendations and instructions.  This is especially important so you don’t over extend your machines maximum usage.  Over working your machine can result in machine failure which will cost to repair, or worse case, replacement of the entire machine.  In some cases, it may also void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Heat and Air Flow

Two elements essential for evenly roasted coffee beans are heat and air flow.

It seems like an obvious thing to say given we are roasting coffee beans.  However the more control you have over the heating of the unit (electric or gas) will mean the difference between a good batch versus a perfectly roasted batch coffee beans.  So it is one of the features we strongly recommend you look for on your next coffee roasting machine.

Air flow is crucial for defining the characteristics of the coffee bean.  It can affect the flavor and tones of the coffee.  As you can appreciate making a unique tasting coffee will generally place you in good favor with your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Now you know the features that you should be looking in for the best coffee roaster machine for small business, let’s take a look at the models that we thought deserved to be listed in our best of list.

Final Verdict

Achieving the perfectly roasted coffee beans is an artform that requires skill and knowledge.  You also need the right equipment – which is probably one of the main reasons why you are reading our article.  Fortunately, by now you should be aware of the features a good coffee roasting machine should possess.  Features like good air flow and heat control.  You should also have decided whether you are going to choose gas or electric roasting machines, as well as the style of roasting you prefer (air or drum).

We have provided a range of choices above that will suit coffee roasters who are just beginning to learn the art, all the way to aficionados in the coffee scene.

Good luck with your coffee roasting adventures and please share your experiences with us via our contact page.