🥇🍳Best Blender for Frappés in 2024

Best Blenders for Making Frappés all Summer long.

If you know what frappes are, then you know it’s worth investing in a high-quality blender that can make the perfect frappe.

But if you’ve never heard of a frappe, think of it as a smoothie, but made with milk instead of water or a milk substitute.

We’ve tried frappes at a lot of different restaurants, and while they’ve always been delicious, we were always disappointed that we couldn’t recreate the experience at home.

That is, until we found the best blender for frappés.

We are going to look at our top 3 favorite blenders for making frappes.   We will also look into the different features that make a blender worthy of making the best frappes – and what you should consider when you go to make your purchase.

Top 3 Best Reviews for the Best Blender for Frappes

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

Vitamix are generally well known for their quality blenders with easy to use functionality.  And the Vitamix Professional Series 750 blender does not disappoint in this space.

The Vitamix comes with five preset programs for easy to use functionality.  And yes – one of those presets is a cleaning mode.  So you don’t have to manually clean the blender after each use.

The design has a huge 64 ounce container, that gives you ample room to make a batch of frappes big enough for a group of friends or your entire family.

What we love about this specific blender is the ability to control the speed – even during the blending process.  This provides you with the ability to achieve that perfect frappe consistency and won’t risk the mixture becoming too fine and liquid.


  • easy to use with full speed control – even during the blending process
  • five preset programs for quick and easy use
  • cleaning setting for a quick and effortless clean after each use


  • quite a tall design, which may mean storing the blender may need some consideration

Blendtec Designer Blender

Next blender we would highly recommend for making the perfect frappe is the Blendtec 90 ounce designer bundle.

What makes this value pack so special is the sleek and slim design.  It is so snappy, you probably won’t want to put it away in your kitchen cupboards.

We love the modern looking base with touch sensor pads and easy to use functionality.  Since we are talking about the functionality, let’s look at the user-friendliness of the blender. It has four pre-programmed cycles that make pulsing the frappes a whiz.  It also has six speeds that can be adjusted mid-program.  This ensures your frappe comes out with the perfect consistency.


  • comes with two mixing containers to choose from.
  • four preset programs for quick and easy use as well as speed control
  • USA made by a local American company that is family owned.  So you know if there are any issues, you will receive local service.


  • quite a tall design, which may mean storing the blender may need some consideration

Cleanblend Classic Blender

The Cleanblend Classic Blender is in a class of its own when it comes to power and motor strength.  Cleanblend boasts about the heavy-duty qualities this blender possesses, and claims it is a commercial blender strength with the size and convenience of a personal blender. You can be confident in achieving ultra smooth frappes with this kind of power.

Due to its powerful motor this is one of the most versatile blenders you can get.  It has the ability to prepare soups, sauces, batters, and even salsas.  You will definitely be making more than just frappes with the Cleanblend Blender.

This is one of the few blenders that come with a five-year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.  There is no question that Cleanblend back their claim that their products and quality pieces of work.


  • sleek and modern design
  • commercial strength motor with plenty of power
  • 5 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee – buying with confidence.


  • no preset cleaning mode

Buyers Guide to Choosing the Right Blender for You

When it comes to purchasing kitchen appliances we all know there are some things that are great for one person, but may annoy another.

So with that in mind we have created a buyers guide for the Best Blender for Frappes.  It is designed for you to read, so you can ask yourself the important questions.  Questions like what features will make your next blender purchase the perfect choice for you.

Materials and Construction

Choosing a blender that is well constructed, with quality materials is always going to take you in the right direction.  The only catch to this is generally the blenders that are constructed from premium materials have a higher price tag.

When you are looking at the construction of a good blender, you can generally trust the models made from well known brands.   Brands such as Vitamix, Blendtec, and Ninja.

The truly well constructed blenders will also come with a warranty from the manufacturer.  We always highly recommend you look for appliances that have local warranties, so you can purchase with confidence.  It is important to source a reputable supplier that will help to deal with any customer support issues and returns if required.


Ultimately, the design of a blender will determine whether you end up with the right consistency for a frappe (or not).

As you are probably well aware, the consistency of a frappe can be the difference between a relaxing drinking experience, or one where you are constantly out of breath because little bits of ice are getting stuck in your straw.

The right blender design will ensure there are no dead spots within the mixing chamber and that the mixture is constantly churning around.

Good blade design is also critical for a smooth frappe.  The blades and mixing action should almost represent a whirlpool while the blender is in operation.  This is designed to ensure all the ingredients has an opportunity to come into contact with the blades.

Cleaning & Maintenance

When it comes to cleaning, you want your blender to be intuitive and simple.  This is particularly relevant when you want to make several batches of frappes while you are entertaining friends and family.

The last thing you want to be doing is stuck in the kitchen cleaning your blender after each frappe batch and missing out on all the conversation.

The best blenders will have easy to use cleaning settings already built into the programming.  It is sometimes as easy as filling the mixing compartment with warm soapy water and pressing the cleaning setting to ON.

Final Verdict

Frappes are one of the simple pleasures of summer.  It could be sitting on the back porch during a balmy summer’s evening, or sipping on frappes while entertaining your friends over the kitchen table.

Whipping up a delicious frappe is quick and simple – if you have the right equipment.

To help you make this decision we have created an easy to read buyers guide on the features you should consider when making your purchase.

For those that want a quick reference guide for the best, blenders we have listing our favorite three blenders available.