🥇🍳Best Low Wattage Kettle for Motorhome in 2024

Top 3 Reviews for the Best Low Wattage Kettle for the Motor home Lifestyle

You’ve packed your best camping gear and hit the road for a weekend in the mountains. You’ve picked out the perfect campsite and have started to set up your motor home, but you realize something: how are you going to enjoy a good cup of coffee on the go?

A lot of travelers spend a lot of time on the road and in campgrounds. When you’re on the go, you don’t have access to the gas stove or electric stove top you cook on at home.

So the next best option is a low wattage kettle, but what’s the best low wattage kettle for motor home?

We’ve spent a lot of time looking at all the different low wattage kettles on the market, and we’ve narrowed it down to just three of the best. We’ve got a little something for everyone! Plus, we’ll give you a buying guide to help you figure out what to look for when you buy a kettle.

Our Favorite 3 Best Low Wattage Kettles for Motor homes

Bodum Bistro Electric Kettle

This sporty little kettle is the perfect travelling companion.

The design of the Bodum kettle emphasizes safety and convenience.  With the heating element tucked away at the bottom, and a thin build, means you will be able to safely store this kettle in any cupboard on board your motor home.

Another safety feature we love is the automatic shut off mechanism that helps to reduce any chances of an accident from occurring.

The materials used to make this little low wattage kettle is a lightweight BPA free plastic and an advanced heating element that only consumes 700 watts of power.


  • only requires 700 watts of power for quick and easy boiled water
  • light weight and slim design for easy to use while travelling
  • comes with a 2 year manufacturers limited warranty


  •  not 100% plastic free, for those that are particular about having no plastic in their cooking

Fdit Portable Electric Kettle

Okay, so this one won’t win any awards in the Best Dressed department.  However, for what it lacks in looks, it definitely makes up for in efficiency and convenience.

With the convenience of being able to boil the water while driving (although we may not necessarily recommend it), you can boil a cup of hot water direct from the cigarette lighter.

With a large boiling capacity of 1,000 ml, your family won’t be waiting for multiple kettles to boil any longer.

With some added safety features such as the steam switch, which automatically detects the boiling water and shuts the heating element off, accidents are a thing of the past.

And all this with only 12V of power required for a boil!


  • large boiling capacity of 1,000ml
  • fast and convenient boiling times
  • can be boiled directly from cigarette lighter


  •  not a well known brand

Uniox Electric Kettle 

We have to admit, this is one of the strangest looking kettles we have ever come across.

It is a uniquely designed Uniox electric kettle that can boil up to 4 cups of water with only 12 V (80 watts) of power.

It is made from food grade stainless steel and silicone to provide a toxic free boil.

What we love about this kettle is that it has a vacuum insulation cup body, which will keep the boiled water hot for hours – saving you the time and energy to reboil any more hot water.  The insulation components of the kettle make sure that the outside stays cool to the touch and saves any burned fingers.

Uniox have even included a digital temperature reading on the bottom of the kettle, so you can see how hot the water is, even after the water has boiled.


  • very thing design for easy storage
  • quality materials including stainless steel and silicone
  • toxic free boiling of water


  •  not a well known brand

Features and Considerations for the Best Travelling Low Wattage Kettle.

In this buyers guide we are going to explore the questions you should ask yourself BEFORE purchasing your next low wattage kettle.  These are important questions to consider, because by doing a little bit of research up front, could mean the difference between satisfaction and dissatisfaction with your kettle.

Materials and Construction

Obviously the design and quality of a kettle will always have an impact on your decision of which kettle trumps the others.

However, there are a few things to look out for that some of the better quality kettles may be missing.

When it comes to the design of a kettle that is suitable for travel, you should be looking for a compact design that can easily be tucked away in one of the limited cupboards you have access to.

You should also consider a kettle that does not come with many loose parts.  For example, the lid should be attached, and not able to be completely removed from the kettle.  It may not seem like a big deal, however the more parts that can be detached, ultimately ends up increasing the chance of a piece of the kettle going missing.

In terms of materials, you will want something that can insulate the hot water to reduce the number of times you have to reboil the kettle.

It should also be lightweight and easy to clean.  Usually a matte finish to the exterior of the kettle helps to maintain a clean appearance and results in less cleaning.

Other Power Requirements

The power consumption of other appliances and tools within your motor home will affect your decision on which low wattage kettle you should ultimately choose.

Your motor home (or power generator) will have a maximum output level at any given time.  So you will need to evaluate what other appliances could potentially be using the power supply while you are boiling the water. Ask yourself what combination of appliances could be used at any one time.

Boiling Time

Okay – so this feature is really going to set apart the good kettles from the best.

Boiling time of a low wattage kettle is a premium feature that shouldn’t be too high on the list of must haves.  The reason for this is because low wattage general means less power to heat the water.  The lower power to heat, generally means longer heating times.

That being said, there are some technologically advanced kettles that have some pretty impressive boiling times (considering the power that is being consumed).

Final Verdict

Travelling on the road is a wonderful experience that everyone should try at least once in their life.

However, being on the road doesn’t mean you have to forego the little luxuries in life, like a good cup of coffee or hot cocoa.

When you are in a motor home you will want an energy efficient kettle that will do the job, so we have put together a top 3 list for you above.  We have also reviewed each with their pros and cons, and listed a few things to consider before making your final decision.

To further assist in your decision making, we have also included a helpful buyers guide which you can use to make a sound and confident decision.

Happy and safe travels.