🥇🍲Best Blender to Puree Food in 2024

Top 3 Reviews for Best Blenders to Puree Food – Our Favorites

Whether you are looking to puree food for your baby or you are pureeing ingredients to be used in soups and other dishes, one of the best ways to achieve a nice smooth consistency is with a blender.

A well designed blender will make pureeing food a cinch and can be done within minutes.  Unlike the traditional method of running the food through a mesh drum.

In this article we will be identifying the must-have features you will want to look for in the Best Blenders to Puree Food.

We will also walk you through our top 3 favorite blenders for pureeing food and the good and not-so-good things to consider before you take the plunge in purchasing your next blender.

How to Puree Food Using a Blender

This isn’t meant to be a detailed tutorial on skills in the kitchen.  Rather we wanted to bring to your attention that there is some skill to using a blender correctly.

When it comes to pureeing food in a blender, you should generally start the blend cycle on a slow speed.  This allows all the ingredients to move around the container and have an opportunity to come in contact with the blades.  Once you feel the ingredients have sufficiently broken down, you can increase the speed to process the ingredients to the next level of puree.  These steps can be repeated until you achieve the level of consistency you need for your puree.

If you start a blender on too quick a speed, only the bottom ingredients are processed.  Leaving the top ingredients to sit on top of the puree and not touching the blades.  It also results in an inconsistent puree in the end and a very unhappy chef in the home kitchen!

Top 3 Blenders for Pureeing Food

Oster Blender Pro 1200 with Glass Jar

The Oster Blender is a great option for pureeing food.  With an impressive 1,200 watts in the motor, it has plenty of power to cut through all the ingredients you throw at it.

You have the ability to control the speed at 7 different levels, so you can begin the pureeing process with a slow speed, and then gradually increase it to capture all the food (from top to bottom).

Oster have also included 3 pre-programmed settings for ease of use and convenience.

The blades are designed to have dual direction technology, so that it both pulls and pushes the ingredients simultaneously around the mixing chamber.

The chamber is one of the features why we love the Oster – it is a glass jar container which allows you to put hot ingredients into the blender without compromising the integrity of the blender.

Finally, Oster offer a 10 year Duralast all metal drive limited warranty on the motor – which shows they are confident in the longevity of their products.


  • glass jar container to allow hot foods to be blended immediately
  • powerful motor with well thought out design of container and blades
  • 10 year limited warranty on the motor of the blender


  • has a significant footprint, therefore may need to be stored on the kitchen counter top

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

The Blendtec Total Classic is a powerful blender that will produce pureed foods time and time again.  It has a powerful 1,560 watt motor, making it the most powerful blender out of our favorite top 3 blenders for pureeing foods.

Blendtec is a well reknown American company that is family owned and have been proudly making kitchen appliances for decades.  This is backed up by an 8 year guarantee that Blendtec offer on their blenders.

This particular blender also comes with a handy self cleaning mode, where you simply put warm soapy water into the mixing chamber and push one button and the blender will do the rest.

What makes the Blendtec blenders different from the rest of the blenders on the market is the flexibility they offer with the mixing chambers.  You can purchase (separately) different sized containers to use on the same blender base – so you can puree a small soup or a large batch of soup.


  • pre-programmed cycles for different food pureeing
  • most powerful motor out of our top 3 blenders for pureeing food
  • ability to upgrade the mixing chambers to smaller or larger sizes


  • some people have mentioned that the blender is noisy
  • instructions are online only

Vitamix Explorian Blender

If you are a person that likes full control over their pureeing of foods, then the Vitamix Explorian Blender is the one for you.  With 10 variable speeds, the Vitamix affords you full control to allow you to refine every texture with chef like precision.

The Vitamix Explorian also has a handy pulse feature to make sure all the food comes into contact with the blades.  This combined with the beveled container edges and intuitive blade design means you will be making the smoothest purees that you have only dreamed about.

Again this blender comes with a self cleaning mode similar to the Blendtec – making cleaning up after a meal a breeze.

We particularly like the low profile mixing chamber, which means you can easily store this blender in a kitchen cabinet out of sight.


  • low profile mixing chamber for easy storage
  • powerful 1,200 watt motor to chop through any ingredients
  • full speed variable control


  • only comes with one mixing chamber – so making big or small meals cannot be accomdated

Buyers Guide for the Best Blender to Puree Food

In this section we will provide a step by step process in the form of a buyer’s guide for the best blender for you.  These are features we believe to be important in your decision making and should be considered before making your final decision.

Power of Motor

For food to transform into a pureed form, you are going to require a bit of power in the motor of your blender.  Weaker blenders will eventually process your ingredients into a puree, however it may take a while and the consistency may not be as smooth as you like.

Blenders with strong motors of approximately 1,200 watts have enough power to blitz your ingredients into a puree within a minute.  They are fast, efficienct and will produce a buttery smooth puree ready for you next meal.

Pre-programmed Settings

Many blenders come with pre-programmed settings for you to use at a push of a button.  These come in extremely handy when you have a few things on the go in the kitchen.  You can simply throw your ingredients into the blender and push one of the programs on the blender, and off it goes.

The pre-set programs are also great because the manufacturers of the blenders conduct thousands of tests on their machines to understand the most efficient and effective methods of blending foods.  So they have intimate knowledge of all the dynamics within the blender, such as blade design and container efficiency to programme the most efficient blending cycles.

Container and Blade Design

We have covered container and blade design extensively in our other blender reviews.  So we won’t go in depth in this article.  We will however mention a few considerations to look for with respect to the looking for the best blender to puree food.

The container of a blender needs to have smooth or beveled edges on the inside of the container to have an effective mixing of ingredients.  Sharp edges tend to cause what we like to call a dead spot in the mixing chamber, where pieces of unprocessed food can be caught and not combined into the puree.

The design of the blades is also important for a blender to effective puree food.  The blades should encourage an upwards motion of the ingredients, so that it draws the food from the bottom of the container to the top.  This creates a cyclical nature in the ingredients, again ensuring a consistent mixing and puree.

Final Verdict

Pureeing foods in the home kitchen was once an arduous task that involved hard elbow grease to push food through a fine mesh.

This is now a thing of the past with the innovation of blenders, pureeing food can be achieved in under a minute.

There are a few features you want to have in your next blender – which are powerful motors, clever container and blade design, and variable speed control.

We would highly recommend the Blendtec Total Classic Blender, as it is a versatile blender that not only will make smooth purees for you, it can also perform other all rounder tasks around the kitchen.

Happy blending!