How Much Electric Does An Air Fryer Use? – Best Tips and Guides 2024

Tips and Guides on How Much Electric Does An Air Fryer Use and How to Save Energy

So, how much electric does an air fryer use? An air fryer is a kitchen equipment that cooks food by frying it in hot air. It works by forcing hot air to circulate over the meal, allowing for even cooking with very little oil. It can also cook frozen meals without the need to thaw it. So, if you’re seeking for a healthier alternative, an air fryer could be the answer.

An air fryer is an excellent method to cook your favorite foods while reducing fat and oil consumption. However, we frequently receive inquiries regarding how much electricity an air fryer consumes. After doing some research, we discovered that the cost is actually rather low — just 5-10% more than a normal oven!

This blog post will address any other questions you might have regarding how much electricity an air fryer consumes and how to save money on your electric bills, so keep reading!

Air Fryers

What is an Air Fryer?

An air fryer, as explained in the beginning, is a compact kitchen equipment that works similarly to a standard convection oven. It’s primarily used for preparing and warming meals in an air atmosphere, so anything from grilled chicken strips to tater tots may be rapidly cooked with little effort!

In comparison to a normal oven, the air fryer requires less oil or none at all. The air fryer is incredibly versatile, as it can be used to cook practically any type of food. Because there’s so little prep work involved, you’re also less likely to ruin your food.

Whereas other heating appliances need to be preheated before cooking, the air fryer simply takes around 5 minutes to reach the desired temperature. Most items take about 20 minutes to cook, which might save you a lot of time in the kitchen. You can even grill vegetables, seafood, and meat in an air fryer.

Consider the size of an air fryer, whether it’s small or large, while shopping for one. Before you buy an air fryer, consider about how many meals you expect to cook in it before you go out and buy one.

Smaller ones range from 3-5 quarts, while larger ones up to 6 quarts are available if you need to prepare food for a larger group. When shopping for an air fryer, take in mind that temperature control differs based on the brand and model you’re considering.

How does an Air Fryer Work?

An air fryer functions in the same way as any other kitchen appliance. It features heating coils that provide heat to cook your food, as well as an extra fan that circulates the hot air around it. You can use it as a healthier alternative to other equipment like deep frying in oil or baking with butter and grease because it does not require any oil.

You’ll want to use this appliance to cook the majority of your meals without or with very little oil. You can still add flavor with small amounts of butter, coconut oil, olive oil, or other oils, but no more than a teaspoon at a time. You also don’t have to use any kind of cooking spray!

It takes about five minutes for an air fryer to heat up before it can start cooking your meal. After they’ve warmed up, you can start adding whatever you’re cooking and seasoning them evenly.

Different Types of Air Fryer

Nowadays, there are a range of air fryer manufacturers to choose from. You can choose between high-end brands like Philips or Breville and more affordable brands like Avalon Bay and Gourmia. It’s a lot of fun to compare several types of air fryers to determine which one works best for you.

Traditional Air Fryer

Consider this sort of oven to be a regular oven with heating coils on the bottom. The meal is cooked by forcing heated air to circulate around it, similar to how something is baked in an oven. Traditional air fryers are also quite inexpensive when compared to other models, making them an excellent place to start if you’re new to using one at home!

Air Fryer with Convection

A fan in the convection air fryer evenly distributes heat to the food you’re cooking. This oven functions similarly to a traditional oven but consumes a fraction of the energy. Another benefit is that it uses less oil to fry your favorite fries and other fried dishes!

Air Fryer (Digital)

This type of air fryer is definitely worth looking into if you want the perfect crispy skin on your meat or fish. You won’t have to keep hopping in and out of the kitchen to see how your supper is coming along because it features a digital timer and temperature control settings.

Air Fryer, Vertical

A vertical air fryer has a tall, slender shape that resembles an enlarged blender. It’s tall enough to fit an entire chicken inside of it!

You may also cook a large number of servings at once without having to transfer food from one fryer to another. It also comes with an easy-to-clean nonstick housing, making cleanup a pleasure.

Air Fryer with No Cord

This sort of air fryer comes with a detachable power chord, which is ideal if you don’t want any wires or cables cluttering up your kitchen. The main disadvantage is that they are usually more expensive than standard ones, but if this feature is extremely important to you, the extra cost may be well worth it.

Benefits of Using an Air Fryer

Air fryers offer numerous benefits in addition to being one of the most cost-effective alternatives to conventional fryer ovens. Consider the following while looking for an air fryer:

Healthy Cooking

Deep frying is a method of cooking that involves completely immersing food in hot oil. This may result in your food absorbing an excessive amount of grease and fat, rendering it inappropriate for anyone striving to live a healthy lifestyle or lose weight.

On the other hand, air fryers cook food quickly by circulating hot air around the basket, which results in less oil being used because you don’t need as much! Additionally, some models use wire mesh baskets rather than metal ones, making them easier to clean and reducing the likelihood of oil accumulating in crevices.

Cooking Time Reduction

One of the best features of an air fryer is that it cooks food faster than a conventional fryer, which means less time spent in the kitchen! This is perfect for folks who are constantly on the go or simply want to enjoy their food without having to wait long periods of time.

The main disadvantage is that certain models cook food more slowly than others, so choose one with adjustable temperature settings for maximum versatility.

Simple Clean-up

Certain air fryers include dishwasher-safe accessories or parts, making cleanup easier than with other types. Additionally, unlike deep fryers, you won’t have to deal with hot grease splatters.


Many people considering purchasing an air fryer express concern about the price, however when compared to deep fryers, they are really more economical. You may acquire one with all the features you require without spending a fortune!

Additionally, if you intend to purchase cookware or kitchen appliances in the future, maximize your investment by selecting a multipurpose type that is simple to use and compatible with your existing items.

How much Electricity does an Air Fryer Use?

How many Watts does an Air Fryer Use?

Energy conservation is critical when using any equipment at home — it benefits both you and the environment! Fortunately, an air fryer consumes only 5-10% more energy than a conventional oven. This means that you may cook faster without waiting for your appliances to warm up, as you would with regular heating appliances.

To give you an indication of the wattage you should expect, the majority of household ovens operate at roughly 1,500 watts. The air fryer consumes between 2.2 and 2.8 kilowatts during a regular hour of cooking — far less than running all your appliances!

It’s critical to remember that each model will have a varied wattage based on the brand and size, so I recommend consulting the user manual before to using it to determine the power load.

An air fryer is one of those gadgets that consumes less energy than a standard kitchen appliance; therefore, if you’re looking for ways to save money at home by conserving power, this compact kitchen appliance may be all you need!

Tips to Save Energy on Electric Bills when Using Air Fryers

Electricity is costly, and we all want to save money on our bills. If you’re considering purchasing an air fryer or are considering acquiring one for your house, here are some tips and methods for operating this type of device. So, apart from answering how much electric does an air fryer use, let’s talk about some tips to save electric an air fryer use.

Electric costs may initially be a few dollars higher than usual, but these tips can help reduce them over time!

  1. Placing the Air Fryer Away from Major Appliances

Keep your air fryer away from major equipment like refrigerators and ovens. This way, you won’t have too many appliances operating at once. Less electrical devices, better!

Consider this: a light bulb near a window emits less light than 10 bulbs farther away, or none at all.

  1. Don’t Use Convection Mode for Everything

Convection mode on an air fryer means that hot air circulates inside the appliance and cooks differently than other modes. Convection mode, for example, employs a fan to pull cool air from the bottom of the device, heat it with electricity, and push hot air out the top.

If you use this mode for all of your cooking needs, such as bread, pastries, or meat that doesn’t need to be cooked rapidly, you’ll notice that it consumes significantly more energy than other modes.

  1. Don’t Get Caught Up in Recipes

The greatest method to save money with an air fryer is to avoid recipes! While it’s fantastic to experiment with new equipment, many people end up spending more time planning meals or finding new recipes than actually utilizing them.

Instead, try with simpler recipes before moving on to more complex ones to save money and electricity.

  1. Don’t Use the Air Fryer All Day, Everyday

If you use your air fryer for everything, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you’ll end up paying a hefty electric bill.

Rather than using the air fryer all day, try utilizing your oven or stovetop for specific meals. This way, you may still enjoy fried dishes while saving money!

  1. Buy a Larger Capacity Air Fryer

Contrarily, a larger capacity air fryer requires more time to cook. If you plan your meals around cooking times, you may use the air fryer less frequently and save money. Buy a model that can hold at least 2 pounds.

  1. Use Stoneware Pans

Stoneware pans are fantastic because they heat up quickly and require less energy than other cookware. Serve food in them at parties or special events and avoid overheating your guests!

Turn off the Air Fryer When Not Cooking

Even if your air fryer has an automated shut-off mechanism, you shouldn’t keep it running when you’re not using it. When the device is heating up, there isn’t a lot of electricity used, but if you use this mode frequently, your bill is more likely to be higher.

Set the air fryer to preheat before dinner and turn it off as soon as your food is done cooking if you know you’ll just use it for one meal at night.

Conclusion about How Much Electric Does An Air Fryer Use

If you’re considering purchasing an air fryer, keep in mind the cost of power. The tactics and tricks covered in this essay should assist you in saving money on your electricity bill while still enjoying the benefits of air frying.

There are numerous techniques to limit the amount of energy consumed or squandered during meal preparation, ranging from hand-washing dishes to using a cooler as insulation for hot items. Which suggestion has proven to be the most beneficial? Are there any more readers who have ideas they’d want to share?