🥇👶🏻Best Blender to Make Baby Food in 2023

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Top 3 Blenders for Making Your Own Baby Food at Home

If you are looking to make your own baby food at home, then look no further because this is the article you have been searching for.

In this round up of the best blenders for making baby food, we will be looking at the must have features in blenders to make baby food.  We will also be looking at the reasons why you should be making your own baby food at home, and finally going through the top three recommended blenders that are currently available on the market.

Why make you own baby food?

There are many benefits to making your own baby food.

First and foremost, when you make your own baby food you know the exact ingredients and quantities of food your baby is eating.  You know the amount of vegetables and fruits you baby is consuming.

Another positive with making your own baby food is that the ingredients are fresh and more nutritional when compared to the store bought baby food.  You will not have any preservatives and other unnecessary chemicals mixed in with the food to make it last longer.

When you make you own baby food, you can actually make it in bulk, portion it out and freeze additional quantities for future meals.  This is much more economical than buying commercial brands and is much better on the environment, due to less packaging being consumed.

Some may argue that making your own baby food takes time, however some baby foods don’t even require cooking, such as mashed up avocado or banana.

As you can see, the benefits to making your own baby food at home far outweighs any downsides.  So let’s take a look at how you can make your own baby food with a blender – and which blender is the best suited for the job.

Top 3 Reviews for Best Blenders to Make Baby Food

BEABA Baby Cook Cooker Blender

The first baby food blender we are going to take a look at is the Beaba Baby Cook Blender.  This beautiful machine is a specific made blender, designed for making baby food.

It has an impressive food preparation cycle of only 15 minutes – which means it can take raw fruits and vegetables and steam and cook them within the blender.  It is like an all-in-one, which saves you time and cleaning up so you don’t have to pre-cook any of the ingredients on the stove top.  It’s all done within the blender itself – how innovative is that?!

In terms of features, it has an auto-shut off timer which is very helpful when you need to attend to the baby urgently.

The construction and materials of the blender is BPA free, lead free and phthalate free.


  • all-in-one blender that cooks and blends the ingredients in one cycle
  • quality and toxic free materials used to construct the blender
  • dishwasher safe for easy cleaning


  • Rather large footprint – which makes it difficult to store in cupboards
  • Some customers have explained the water reservoir can grow mould if not cleaned

Dansa Homia Baby Food Maker 

The next blender is another all-in-one designed baby food maker by Dansa Homia.

This ingenious baby food maker is not just a blender.  It also is a chopper, brinder and steamer, so you can effectively create unique blends of baby food with one operation.

The Dansa Homia Baby Food Maker is an easy to use, intuitive blender that has a control panel with pre-set programs to make baby food making a breeze.

Like our previous review, the materials used in this blender is all toxic free with no BPA, phthalate and lead to be found in surfaces that touch the food.

The stirring containers are dishwasher safe so you can pop them into your dishwasher after use and tend to you baby without having to worry about the clean up.


  • all-in-one blender that cooks and blends and much more (even sterilizes)
  • quality and toxic free materials used to construct the blender
  • dishwasher safe for easy cleaning


  • Rather large footprint – which makes it difficult to store in cupboards

Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional

The last blender in our best baby food making reviews is more of what you would expect to see in a traditional blender.  It is one of our favorite all rounder blenders – the Vitamix 5200 Professional Blender.

We wanted to include it here because even though it isn’t one of the specific focused models like the two other baby food blenders we have reviewed, it will still do an excellent job in making baby food.

Plus, you will have the added bonus of being able to use it for yourself once your babies have grown up.

The Vitamix is a powerful and versatile blender that ticks all the right boxes.  It is easy to use and control with convenient speed variation control.

It is easy to clean and has one of the best designed blades and containers we have seen in a blender.

Finally, the footprint is no where as big as the other two blenders we have looked at so it will be easy to store away out of sight.


  • versatile and powerful blender that will produce consistent and quality baby food
  • quality and toxic free materials used to construct the blender
  • easy cleaning with a clean cycle included


  • is not an all-in-one model, so cooking of the ingredients before blending will be required

What Features Make the Best Blenders to Make Baby Food

User Friendly Features

The last thing you need when you are exhausted from interrupted sleep is a complicated sequence of buttons and instructions to follow when you are making baby food.  So for us, this feature was high on our priorities when we looked at the best blenders to make baby food.

Usability is an important feature on any blender – and the best ones are simple to use.  Sometimes you can achieve a fresh batch of baby food with a single push of a button.

Other blenders offer several different pre-configured settings to give you different textures for your baby to try.

So the key takeaway here is make sure your next blender is easy enough to use that a baby could operate it (pun intended)!


Another key aspect to the best blenders is how easy it is to clean.

Good blenders will be designed so that cleaning the machine after use is a breeze.  It may mean they have a clean cycle as an option in their pre-configured features.

Or some blenders are designed to be made from dishwasher safe materials – so all you need to do after preparing a batch of baby food is give it a rinse and pop it into the dishwasher.

Construction and Design

As we mentioned earlier, design and construction of the blender can mean the difference between a good and great blender.

The container or mixing chamber of the blender must have a well thoughout design to the interior.  By this we mean it should be cyclindrical in shape or with beveled edges to minimize the chance of food getting caught and not mixing properly.  This results in inconsistent baby food and large chunks that could be hazardous to a baby just learning to eat solids.

The other design that should be considered is the blades.  A good blender will have blades that churn the ingredients around the mixing chamber.  Churning the ingredients means it will pull ingredients from the top of the blender down to the blades and then toss it back up.  Again this is to ensure all the ingredients are blended properly and consistently.

Final Verdict

Finding a blender isn’t hard – there are so many options available on the market.  However finding the best blender to make baby food is a not an easy task.

We have highlight some key features that you should consider in your next blender if you want to be making consistent food that your baby will enjoy.  Things like ease of use of the blender, cleaning and maintenance and lastly, the design and construction of the blender.

You can be confident any of the three options we have listed here will produce delicious and nutritious meals for your baby to enjoy.