🥇🍞Best Toaster for Frozen Waffles in 2024

Top 3 Best Toaster for Frozen Waffles Review

Nothing beats a freshly toasted waffle with diced fruit and maple syrup dripping down the sides for breakfast on a Sunday morning.  That is until you realize the inside of your waffle is still stone cold.  It is for this reason we decided to list our Best Toasters for Frozen Waffles so you can enjoy piping hot crisp waffles all the time, every time!

Waffles are one of life’s under-rated treasures – they make the perfect weekend breakfast or a pick me up snack.

For us, the perfect waffle would be an evenly toasted caramel brown on the outside that is satisfyingly crispy.  As well as a light and fluffy chewy texture inside to help soak up any excess maple syrup.

This is easy to achieve when you are cooking your waffles from scratch using a waffle iron.  However when you don’t have the time to prepare a batter and are looking for that quick waffle hit, sometimes frozen waffles are your next best option.  Unfortunately achieving a perfectly cooked waffle isn’t as easy as popping it into any old toaster.

Your stock standard bread toasters aren’t usually equipped to cater for a waffle’s size and depth.  Generally speaking, using your average toaster will only achieve half cooked waffles or worse, dry overcooked waffles.

So sometimes, it is worth the extra effort to do a little bit of research and buy the right toaster for your frozen waffles AND bread needs. Fortunately for you we have done the heavy lifting and collected the Best Toasters for Frozen Waffles below.

What to look for in a toaster to get perfect frozen waffles

To help our readers make an informed decision, we thought it would be useful to list down the features that we looked at in each toaster to determine our Best Toaster for Frozen Waffles list.

Depth and width (very important!)

This is one of the main features that determines whether a toaster is a suitable contender as a frozen waffle toaster or just a plain bread toaster.  For a toaster to cook your frozen waffle properly, it needs to have wide toaster slots.  This ensures the waffles do not get caught in the toaster when being ejected and risking over cooking or burning.

In addition to width, the depth of the slots are also important for an even cook.  Each toaster slot needs to be deep enough to cook the waffles in one session – not two sessions.  If parts of the waffle is sticking out of the toaster while cooking, you risk uneven and under cooked frozen waffles.  Moreover, if you do the flip method of rotating the frozen waffle and cooking it for a second time, you will usually end up with an over cooked portion in the center of the waffle, and undercooked end pieces.


It goes without saying, if you expect good results, you need a quality build.  Simply purchasing an average toaster and expecting perfectly cooked frozen waffles is a recipe for disappointment.  Most toasters are built with plastic and stainless steel elements for the cooking.  However, the more quality appliances will have stainless steel exteriors or high quality non-stick materials to help maintain the appliance for longevity and durability.

Even Heat

One of the more important aspects of a toaster is that it provides a consistent even cook.  If your toaster is not providing this basic function, then don’t even try to toast frozen waffles with the appliance.

When the toast or waffles are ejected from the toaster, the goal is to see an even color on both sides.  Once you achieve an even color, you can be confident that your food has been evenly cooked and you won’t end up with cold or uncooked parts of your frozen waffles.

Defrost Function

The defrost feature comes in handy when you are dealing with frozen waffles.  Put simply, the defrost function allows the toaster to provide an even cook through the frozen waffles.

Toasters without the defrost function will generally cook a waffle on the outside with a nice and even color, however they will often leave the inside frozen and icy.  Unfortunately, we have experienced this all too often and it leaves an unpleasant feel in the mouth.  Moreover, it is a very quick way to spoiling a treat that you were looking forward to.


Okay, this one isn’t a necessary feature for a frozen waffle toaster, however if the toaster is going to be sitting on the kitchen benchtop, you might want to consider the appearance of the appliance.  The key here is to look at the other appliances you have around the kitchen and trying to be consistent with the color, style or even match the materials each appliance is made from.

Our Best Toaster for Frozen Waffles List

Now that you know what features and functions you are looking for in your perfect frozen waffle toaster, you can begin your search for the Best of the Best in frozen waffle toasters.  Here is our list of the top toasters available on the market for perfecting that frozen waffle.

Krups 2-Slice Toaster – Stainless Steel

A very highly regarded toaster with a nice price tag, the Krups 2-Slice Toaster is one that won’t leave you disappointed when it comes to cooking your frozen waffles.

The Krups toaster ticks all the right boxes.  Let’s begin with the large, wide slots for your waffles to slide into.  This is one of the more important features we prioritized when selecting the contenders for our top frozen waffle toasters.  The Krups toaster has self-centering slots which ensures the waffles are cooked evenly around all the edges.

In addition to the slots, the Krups toaster also has the all important defrost feature which allows you to cook the frozen waffles straight from the freezer.

Another bonus feature in the Krups toaster is the ability to select your browning level.  You can choose from 6 different settings, from lightly crispy waffles to a darker crunchy waffle.

The last feature we woud like to highlight (and one that you don’t see often on other toasters) is the ability to reheat your waffles without adding any extra browning on the outside.  This feature is particularly handy when you are preoccupied when the waffles are ready and you conveniently forget about your waffles.  We cannot tell you the number of times we wish we had had this feature on our toaster!


  • slots are wide and deep to accomodate even the biggest and thickest of frozen waffles
  • defrost function is available for frozen waffles
  • sleek and modern design that will suit most kitchen styles
  • rarely seen reheat feature
  • budget friendly


  • can only toast two waffles at a time
  • some people have had inconsistent cooks on their waffles between the two slots

2 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster by Sacvon

If you are all about design, then the Sacvon Toaster is going to win your heart.  This unique looking toaster looks like something out of a futuristic retro kitchen.  The cream exterior and curved shape, along with the large number LED will make this toaster a real feature in your kitchen.

However, enough about the looks of this toaster.  Let’s get to what really matters – how does it cook frozen waffles?  We are glad to say the Sacvon has two 1.5 inch wide slots that will easily accomodate your frozen waffles.

The Sacvon also has the all important defrost function to cook your frozen waffles evenly in the middle.

Ini addition to the above features, the Sacvon has a novel large LED digital timer that tells you exactly how long your waffles have to go to complete their cook.  Very handy for those times your kids are nagging you for breakfast now!

Coincidently, the Sacvon also has a reheat function (similar to the Krups).


  • wide slots available to accomodate large thick waffles
  • defrost function allows to cook straight from the freezer
  • stylish exterior with digital LED timer
  • reheat function allows to warm up the waffles if they are left sitting in the toaster for too long after ready
  • toaster has a time function that displays the current time (when not in use)


  • ability to only cook two waffles at a time
  • may not suit your kitchen decor

Breville 4 Slice Toasters in Stainless Steel

With a sleek stainless steel exterior, the Breville 4 slice toaster is a great option for cooking the perfect frozen waffle.

The extra wide slots allow for easy insertion of waffles, and the deep self centering slots help to ensure that the Breville cooks your frozen waffles nice and evenly in one session.  Now you don’t have to worry about flipping the waffles over to cook the remaining parts of the waffle.

The Breville 4 Slice Toaster also includes a “frozen” setting – which is their version of a defrost setting. This ensures your frozen waffles are evenly cooked and there are no unpleasant surprises when you bite into your waffle.

If you like your waffles a bit crispier than your average waffle enthusiast, the Breville has you covered.  On this toaster you have the ability to adjust the extent of the browness on your frozen waffles to 6 different levels.  Moreover, you can have individual browness settings for two sets of waffles.  This means, if you like darker waffles, but your partners prefers lightly golden waffles, you can adjust the settings and still cook at the same time!


  • wide and deep slots that self center to allow for perfect cooking
  • stainless steel exterior makes it a versatile looking toaster that will fit in most kitchen styles
  • can cook 4 waffles at one time with customized browness settings
  • frozen setting is available to enable consistent cooking of frozen waffles


  • large toaster that will take up a bit of kitchen benchtop space
  • can take a little bit of a long time to cook
  • cleaning can be tricky when removing the crumb trays

Final Verdict

By now, you should be equipped with the tools and knowledge of how to select the best toaster for frozen waffles.

We have identified the key features a toaster needs to cook the perfect frozen waffle is one with wide and deep slots, a defrost function for nicely cooked waffle centers, and one that provides a consistent even color on the exterior of the waffles.

We have even done the heavy lifting for you and listed our top 3 frozen waffle toasters currently available.

So now all that is left to do is for you to look forward to enjoying your delicious waffles on the weekend.

Bon apetite…