🥇🍳Best Stackable Cookware Sets in 2024

Top 3 Stackable Cookware Sets for an Organized Kitchen

Whether you’re a student with a tiny kitchen, or a cook who never seems to have enough pots and pans, finding the right cookware set can be difficult.

But the best cookware sets are not only stylish, they also need to be practical.  To be the best, a cookware set needs to be stackable.  It needs to be able to be stored away neatly and organized in a kitchen cupboard out of sight.

To help our readers we have rounded up some of our favorite stackable cookware sets below, as well as included the best features of each set to help you figure out which set is best for you.

Why do you need Stackable Pans for your Home Kitchen?

Good pans are a dime a dozen, with many different brands claiming to be the best.  However the very best cookware sets are ones that have thought behind their design and with the end user in mind.

In this case, we are focusing on cookware sets for the home cook in, what can sometimes be, limited spaces and storage.

Not every house will have a pan rack or copious amounts of storage to store all the kitchen tools and appliances.  Therefore having the option of a stackable pans set is always a good back up plan to have up your sleeve.

Another advantage of having a stackable cookware set is the fact that your kitchen will be organized.  And as the old adage goes, a neat kitchen is a productive kitchen.

Top 3 Cookware Sets that can Stack for Home Kitchens

Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of the Best Stackable Cookware Sets available on Amazon today.  Please note we update our recommendations on a regular basis so remember to bookmark this page for future reference.

Calphalon Premier Space Saving with Nonstick Coating

First stackable set of frying pans and pots we are looking at is the Calphalon premier cookware which includes a value packed 15 pieces of cookware.

You can see from the product image, the pots and pans actually stack very nicely on top of one another, with handle alignment and a sleek design.

The handles alignment is actually a very clever design in the Calphalon series, as they have been cut out with a groove to allow each pan/pot on top to sit very neatly.  This is an important design element, as some pots and pans can stack, however their handles are splayed out causing inconveniences with storage and looks very unsightly.

This particular pan set has a non-stick coating that is safe to use with metal utensils.  In addition, the non-stick coating is oven safe up to 450 degrees fahrenheit.


  • value packed 15 piece pots and pan set
  • non-stick coating which is oven-safe up to 450 degrees fahrenheit
  • dishwasher safe for easy cleaning


  • unlike some other kitchen appliance companies, there is no warranties offered

Gotham Steel Stackmaster Pots and Pans

The Gotham Steel Stackmaster Pots and Pans set is a stylish and versatile set of stackable pans that will look great in any kitchen.

Gotham Steel claim the stacking design of these pots and pans will save you at least 30% more space in your kitchen cupboards.

These pots and pans come with an ultra non-stick coating made from ceramic and titanium for a non-toxic cook everytime.  Gotham even claim this non-stick coating is metal utensil resistant and highly wear resistant.

Last but not least, the Gotham series comes with interchangeable lids for versatile use and less clutter in your kitchen cabinets.


  • ultra non-stick coating made from cermic and titanium
  • comes with a handy fry basket – not many sets include a fry basket
  • dishwasher safe for easy clean up after cooking


  • only comes as a 7 piece set (however this may be beneficial for smaller kitchens)

GreenPan Stackable Cookware

GreenPan have developed a very innovative set of pots and pans that includes 11 pieces.

Each pot and pan has a ceramic coating infused with Diamond Advanced technology for the ultimate in non-stick surfaces.  GreenPan have made it noteworthy that their non-stick coating is PFAS, PFOA and lead free for non-toxic cooking.

GreenPan have placed a lot of thought into the design of these stackable pots and pans.  To show this, they have included 3 pan protectors in their set to preserve the surfaces of their pots and pans.  These protectors go a long way to the longevity of your stackable set so you can enjoy using them for years to come.

Each pot and pan is dishwasher safe and oven safe up to 400 degrees fahrenheit


  • includes pan protectors (big positive in our books)
  • dishwasher and oven safe
  • state of the art non-stick coating that will last the distance


  • unlike some other kitchen appliance companies, there is no warranties offered

Must have features of the Best Stackable Pan Sets

For a cookware set to be the best, they must have a particular set of features and tick the right boxes.  Let’s take a look at some of these must have features.

Interchangeable Lids

A good set of cookware will have a few pot lids that will be uniform and fit on several of the pans/pots.  This way you don’t have a bunch of random lids lying loose in your kitchen cupboard and they can sit on the very top pan that is stacked at the top.

It also means they are versatile enough to use when required and everything in the ktichen is presented neat and tidy.


Stackable cookware are great for travelling with.  This is particularly relevant to people who love to go on road trips in their RV or caravans.  A good small set of stackable pots and pans means you can stack and go without having to worry if you have all the pieces of equipment you will need for the trip.

It also has the added benefit of not taking up too much room in your mobile home and won’t roll or slide around when you are on the road.

Comes with Pan Protectors

One feature that only the best stackable pan sets will have is one that comes with its own pan protectors.

You can always purchase your own pan protectors separately, however if they come with the pan set already, then it saves you some money and time.  Having their own pan protectors, also shows that the designers of the pans have considered this important element in their cookware and want to preserve their pans so you receive many years of use.

Final Verdict

A good set of pans is a must in every home kitchen.

A great set of pots and pans will be uniquely designed to be stackable and store away in your cupboards neatly and out of sight.

We have identified the key features of the best stackable cookware sets as well as the top 3 sets we believe will suit all home kitchens.

Let us know if you have found your perfect set of stackable cookware in the comments below.