🥇☕Stainless Steel Coffee Maker No Plastic in 2024

Top 3 Best Coffee Makers that are Plastic Free Reviews


There’s a unique pleasure in enjoying a well-balanced, tasty cup of coffee first thing in the morning. The comforting warmth spreading through your hands as you lift the cup to your mouth. Your taste buds eagerly await the delightful sweetness of coffee for that first burst of caffeine. However, this is quickly overshadowed when you detect an off-putting artificial chemical flavor, a result of the plastic in your coffee maker heating up.

Suffice to say, it is not the most ideal start to the day.

If the above experience sounds familiar, you will want to check out our round up of the Top 3 Best Stainless Steel Coffee Makers that contain NO PLASTIC!


Why Go Plastic Free?

There are many reasons why someone would prefer to go plastic free.

Many people choose to go plastic free for environmental or ethical reasons.  They believe there is too much plastic waste being produced and disregarded into landfill and littered into our oceans.  We’re not hear to say whether their views are right or wrong.  We are here to provide options for everyone and we respect all our readers opinions and choices.

Another reason (and personally our reason for choosing plastic free) is that heated plastic has a tendency to release chemicals.  These chemicals can affect the taste and quality of your coffee.  Not only can it affect your coffee (as if that wasn’t bad enough), the chemicals that are released by heated plastic can affect your health and body.  The culprit for these changes is called Bisphenol A (BPA for short), which is used to strengthen the integrity of plastics.  It is also a reason why you see many products promoting BPA free plastic.

Whatever your reason for seeking out no plastic stainless steel coffee makers, we respect your choice, so let’s get into the top 5 plastic free coffee makers.

3 of the Best Plastic Free Coffee Makers

Cafellissimo Paperless Coffee Stainless Steel Reusable

This is one of the few coffee makers that we can say is truly 100% plastic free.

As you can see from the design and make of the Cafellissimo Paperless Stainless Steel Coffee Maker, it doesn’t have a single ounce of plastic used in the build.

The Cafellissimo Stainless Steel coffee maker uses the drip/filter style of coffee making.  To operate, you simply place the coffee maker over your (non-plastic) coffee cup, place the coffee grinds into the metal mesh filter and pour over hot water.

It is a resuseable coffee filter, and is very compact and can be taken along while travelling.


  • small, compact design for easy storage and travelling
  • easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • 100% plastic free
  • double mesh design for effective filtration of coffee grinds


  • only makes enough coffee for one cup before having to wash and reuse

BicycleStore Paperless Stainless Reusable Dripper

Similar to the Cafellissimo design, this Bicycle Store Paperless Stainless Steel Dripper uses the drip/filter style of coffee making.

It also utilizes a stainless steel mesh filter, as opposed to the more traditional paper filter method.

The advantage of this one (over other drip filter coffee makers) is that it comes with it’s own glass carafe for the coffee to drip into. This means you can prepare multiple cups of coffee in the one sitting.  Perfect for those occasions when you are entertaining.

We are also a big fan of the design and aesthetics of the Bicycle Store Stainless Steel Dripper.  It looks like a science experience, which will provide great talking points with your guests.

The only fall back we could potentially see is that the filter handle is made from a plastic/rubber material.  So unfortunately we could not tag this one as 100% plastic free!


  • stylish coffee maker that will complement any kitchen
  • can produce multiple cups of coffee at once
  • easy to clean and easy to operate


  • cannot claim 100% plastic free, however the plastic does not come into contact with any of the food or hot water

Hario Ceramic Coffee Dripper White

The Hario Ceramic Coffee Dripper may not be stainless steel, however we can proudly label this coffee maker as a plastic free alternative.

With a completely ceramic design, the Hario Coffee Maker utilizes a drip filter method of coffee making.

The ceramic materials used in the Hario Coffee Maker helps to retain heat and ensures a consistent temperature is maintained throughout the brewing process.

And although they are subtle, Hario have built spiral ribs into their conical design.  This allows for the full expansion of the coffee grinds, as well as enabling a full flavored and full bodied cup of coffee to develop.


  • due to the use of paper filters in this design, cleaning is as simple as a quick rinse and you are ready to make a new cup of freshly brewed coffee
  • unique conical design to allow for developed flavors and nuances within the coffee brewing process


  • safety needs to be observed with this coffee maker, as the ceramic build can conduct heat to the handles
  • still need to purchase paper filters for this filter

What to Look for in a Coffee Maker for the Perfect Cup of Coffee – Best Buyers Guide

In this section we look at the different features and ask the hard questions about your next coffee maker purchase.  Things like what to look for, the questions to ask yourself, so you can make an informed and educated decision to ensure you get the right choice for you.

Style of Coffee Maker

When it comes to coffee makers, there are a few different methods of coffee making you can choose from.  Which style is the right choice for you will be determined entirely by personal preference.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the popular styles of coffee making.


This style of coffee maker makes use of a drip brew method which involves placing your coffee grinds into a paper filter that sits nicely on a funnel, which collects underneath an a pouring jug.

You then poor either cold or hot water to brew the freshly ground coffee, and slowly drip through.

The result is a lovely aromatic, fresh cup of coffee for you to enjoy with a good book.

French Press

This style of coffee making is popular in hotels, and can be usually found on top of the minibar fridge next to a kettle.

It usually makes use of a glass coffee container and a snuggly fitting metal mesh filter plunger that helps to container all the coffee grinds.

To use a French Press coffee maker, you place the freshly ground coffee at the bottom of the glass container and top it up with hot water to brew for a set amount of time.  You then place the metal mesh filter plunger on top and slowly press the filter down through the brewed liquid.  The coffee maker is designed so the plinger contains the spent coffee grounds at the bottom of the glass container, leaving the deliciously filtered coffee up top.

Materials Used in the Coffee Maker

Given we are writing about plastic free coffee makers, we believe it is important to address this issue of what materials you should look for in your next coffee maker.

We usually look for coffee makers that are primarily built from materials such as stainless steel, glass, or non-corrosive metals.  This is important as with the nature of this appliance, the heat used to extract coffee can be quite intense, which can lead to the degradation of materials at an accelerated rate.

Also, we think it is safe to assume you are most likely conscious of the amount of plastic in your purchases.  Therefore you will want to avoid any plastic that is not BPA free.

Does it have to be truly Plastic Free?

This is a tricky question.  Finding a coffee maker that can make the claim that it is 100% plastic free is actually a difficult task.  With plastic being so prevalent in our world, it is hard to find a product that does not use plastic in some of it’s parts.

While this doesn’t help those that choose plastic free for ethical and enviromental reasons, we can offer up a solution for those that want plastic free so you do not have chemicals mixing in with your food and drink.

What we do recommend is that as long as the coffee you consume isn’t touching the plastic parts of the coffee maker (especially when hot), it will be less likely to be contaminated with chemicals leaching from the plastic.  This includes, your coffee grinds AND boiling water.

Final Verdict

If we had to choose one of our top 3 plastic free coffee makers , it would have to be the Hario Ceramic Coffee Dripper.  We have found the Hario produces a much more full bodied cup of coffee that is full of flavor.

However if you are set on purchasing a stainless steel coffee maker that is plastic free, our next best selection would be Cafellissimo stainless steel coffee maker.  It’s simple design and compact size allows you to use this coffee maker anywhere – even on the road.

Whichever coffee maker you choose, at least you will be able to enjoy a chemical free, guilt free cup of coffee every morning.