🥇🍳Best Ice Crushing Blender under $100 in 2024

The 3 Best Ice Crushing Blenders for Under $100

A blender is a wonderful thing. I’ve been using my blender for everything from smoothies to salsa, and I rely on it to make the perfect margarita.

But if you want to make frozen drinks, you need something stronger: an ice crushing blender.

There are a lot of blenders out there, so it can be hard to choose the best one. That’s why we’ve done the work for you. Here are our top three picks for the best ice crushing blenders for under $100.

Top 3 Blenders for Crushing Ice (under $100)

Countertop Smoothie Blender 

This Boniso Countertop Smoothie Blender is a quick and easy to use blender that packs an incredible 1800 watts of ice crushing power.

With six blades made from thickened stainless steel, the Boniso blender is purpose built to crush even the largest of ice blocks.  It is intuitively built to create a vortex while crushing the ice to ensure there is no cube left untouched by the blades.

Individuals concerned about toxic free cooking need not worry with this blender, as it is constructed with super-durable BPA free Tritan plastic.  So you can blend with confidence that there is no residue toxins leaching into your beverages.

The blending chamber can hold up to an impressive 2 liters of liquid, making it one of the blenders under $100 that can accommodate large quantities for entertaining.


  • made from BPA free materials to ensure toxic free blending
  • large mixing chamber for large batches of ice beverages
  • intuitive blade design for efficient and consistent ice crushing blending


  • large footprint therefore may not fit in your kitchen cupboard and will be required to be stored on your kitchen bench top

Jusseion Bullet Blender with Digital Touch Screen

Crushing ice with the Jusseion is a pleasure.  With it’s auto-blend system, you will be enjoying your ice cold beverages in minutes.

The Jusseion comes with pre-set modes for blending different types of smoothies and ice drinks, so all you need to do is place the ingredients in the container and push a button.  Then all you need to do is simply sit back and wait for the intelligence of the Jusseion to do it’s thing.

This blender powers its ice crushing abilities with a 1200 watt power motor.  This may not be as much as other blenders, but what it lacks in power it definitely makes up for in intelligence in the mixing programs pre-set by the manufacturer.

Jusseion also back their products with e 12 month warranty and expert customer service, should you have any questions about the blender.


  • 1200 watts of power with pre-set programs for efficient and hands free use
  • dishwasher safe mixing chambers for easy cleaning after you enjoy your drink
  • 12 month warranty comes with the blender, so you can buy with confidence


  • small mixing chambers so can only make one ice drink at one time

Nutribullet NBR-0601

Nutribullet is a well known brand in the blending space. In fact they were one of the first companies to come out with the bullet design of the mixng capsule – hence the name Nutri-“bullet”.

There is a reason why their name has become synonymous with the word smoothie.  The blenders are great at blitzing a fruit smoothie with ice in under a minute.

The Nutribullet sports a 600 watt motor, which may not seem like enough to get through ice and fruit in the one go.  However, if you look at their unique mixing capsule, it is designed to throw the ingredients in such a way that the blades and motor only requires a small power source in order to achieve the same consistency as other more powerful models. This sames you both time and money through energy efficiency.

With a simple cleaning process of warm soapy water, cleaning up the Nutribullet is a breeze.

Finally we think it is worth mentioning that the Nutribullet comes with a limited one year warranty, so you can call up should you have any issues.


  • 600 watts of power with a uniquely designed mixing chamber for ultimate efficiency
  • easy to clean mode after each use
  • 12 month warranty comes with the blender, so you can buy with confidence


  • small mixing chambers so can only make one ice drink at one time

The Benefits of a Good Ice Crushing Blender

We understand the warm summer months are only a fraction of the year, so you don’t want to spend too much on a blender that is specifically made just for crushing ice.  You could use a general purpose blender that you would use for soups and salsas. However, the ice can blunt your blades and shorten the lifespan of your blender.

That is why using a purpose-built ice crushing blender is definitely the smarter move.

The best ice crushing blenders will make quick work of the ice and blitz up a consistent tasty smoothie in under a minute.  They are great for one purpose – producing cooling frappes or smoothies for a hot summer day.

An added benefit of an ice crushing blender is they are purposefully powerful and have a unique blade design to pulverize the ice in a particular way.

What To Look For When Buying An Ice Crushing Blender

When it comes to a blender, size is everything.  Especially when you are making multiple servings of a frappe or smoothie.  The last thing you want is having to blend up a couple of batches one after the other, because each frappe will start to melt and lose that wonderful crushed ice texture.

You want a blender that can crush ice so quickly, that it doesn’t allow the ice to melt and dilute your cold drink. It should also be powerful enough to crush ice, but not so powerful that it generates so much heat that it melts the ice while crushing it.

The last feature that you should look for in the perfect blender is how easy it is to clean.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the features to look for in your next ice crushing blender

Buyers Guide

Blade Design

An integral aspect of the ice crushing blender, the blades should be designed with the specific purpose of breaking up the ice.  They should be made from a strong metal, such as stainless steel, with a spinning action that draws the ice down from the top towards the blades.


For an ice crushing blender to be effective it requires power.  Ice is a hard substance, which requires a lot of power to break apart efficiently and effectively.  We would recommend a minimum of 1,500 watts of power in the motor.  You could even afford to go higher in power, for a quicker processing time.


If you are going to be blitzing up batches of frappes for entertaining your friends and family, make sure you choose a blender that has a large enough capacity in the mixing chamber.

Alternatively, if you are looking to make only servings of one for yourself, you could afford to look at smaller bullet style blenders, that usually include handy on the run capsules so you can blitz and drink while you go out the door.

Final Verdict

So, the thing to remember here is that any ice crushing blender will crush ice, but some are more effective than others.

We have listed out favorite 3 best ice crushing blenders under $100 in the table above.  Each one has their pros and cons, but you can be confident in producing a delicious cold beverage with any of the blenders we recommended.

If you are more of the discerning type of person you could use our buyers guide to make an informed decision on any of the blenders available on the market today.

Once you finally do choose your next blender, remember to have a cold one for us too!