🥇🍞Best Blender for Dosa Batter in 2024

Top 3 Best Blenders for Making Your Own Dosa Batter

If you are like us and like to go down the Do-It-Yourself path of making elements of your cooking in your home kitchen, then you are in for a treat with our article – Top 3 Best Blenders for Making Your Own Dosa Batter.

To help you choose your very own blender for DIY Dosa Batter we will cover the must have features that you will want to have in your next blender.

We will also look at the best ways

However, before we get into the nuts and bolts of the best blenders on the market, let’s cover our bases and look at what makes a good dosa batter and how to achieve it in your own kitchen.

How to Make a Good Dosa Batter at Home

When it comes to making a good dosa batter at home, there are a few key ingredients in the recipe that will make all the difference.

One aspect is the preparation time for the ingredients.  You need to ensure enough planning and time to soak the black gram lentils and rice.  Soaking ensures the ingredients are supple enough to be blitzed by the blender (or wet stone if you want to go down the traditional path).  This leads us to the other important ingredient in successful dosa batters – the blender.

Blenders are much more convenient than a wet stone (grinder) for many reasons.  Blenders are versatile and can be used for many uses (other than dosa batter).  They can be stored easier due to their tall thin builds.  And the are light and mobile, that is not like lifting a bag a bricks around the kitchen.

In the next section we will take a look at the recommended best blenders for dosa batter.

Best Blenders for Dosa Batter

Vitamix Blender Professional Grade Container Black

We have actually recommended the Vitamix Professional Grade Blender for a few other uses, and it is for good reason.

These blenders are great machines and are extremely versatile.  They can be used for many things, from soups, smoothies, making flour and last but not least, making dosa batter.

The large and smooth edged mixing capsules make the Vitamix a great option for the best blender for dosa batter.  It allows you to make large quantities with a 64 Oz container, and the smooth edges ensures there are no dead spots when operating the blender.

In addition, the stainless steel blades will easily grind up the lentils and rice into a smooth dosa batter.

Last but not least, the Vitamix Professional Blender has a self cleaning mode that allows for a quick and easy clean once you are done making your dosa.


  • reputable company with high quality products
  • large container with smooth beveled edges to prevent ingredients from sticking
  • easy to clean


  • has a large footprint, so may be difficult to store

Magic Bullet NutriBullet N17-1001 Blender

Okay, so we know what you are thinking – the Nutribullet is a smoothie blender.  How good can it be at making dosa batter?  Just hear us out and then you can make up your own mind at the end.

The Nutribullet N17 is a great alternative for a blender to make your dosa batter at home.

What we love is how quick and intuitive the blender is at achieving the right consistency of dosa batters.  Nutribullet have designed a hands free SMART technology that senses if your mixture is ready.  It recognizes when the ingredients are silky smooth and ready for the next step in the process.

This particular Nutribullet comes with several different sized cups for your convenience.  You can choose to make a large batch of dosa batter or just a single serve for when you are making a meal for one.

What we also love is the easy cleaning features of the Nutribullet – simply place some soapy water into the container and push a button for a quick cycle and you are done.


  • small foot print for easy storage
  • quick and efficient process with intelligent SMART technology to detect when mixture is ready
  • easy to clean


  • some customers have mentioned the blender is quite noisy

Blendtec Original Professional Grade

Another well known brand in the blender space is Blendtec.  They have been making quality blenders in the USA since 1975.  They are a family-owned business that prides themselves of American engineered and assembled appliances.  They even back their products with a 8 year warranty – now that is saying something about their confidence.

The Blendtec is designed for user friendly operations, with one touch buttons and many pre-programmed options.  This gives you complete control over your dosa batter and achieving the perfect consistency, just the way you like it.

The Blendtec original comes with a large 75 oz container to make plenty of dosa batter, as well as a powerful 120 V motor to ensure a smooth mix.

Lastly, like other great brands, the Blendtec blender offers a self cleaning mode by simply placing warm soapy water into the jug and one press of the cleaning mode button.  It does the rest in under 1 minute.


  • reputable brand that offers an 8 year warranty on the blender
  • user friendly operation with many pre-programmed options
  • easy to clean with self cleaning mode


  • another blender with a large space footprint, therefore may need to store on top of the ktichen bench top

Must Have Features you need in your Blender to Make Dosa Batter

You have seen our recommended blenders for making dosa batter, but now let’s take a look at why they made the top 3 best blenders list.

Motor Power

When it comes to blending, the power of the motor will usually determine how effective and consistent your dosa batter will be at the end of the process.

Obviously the more powerful the motor the smoother the mixture you will receive.  However, the more powerful a motor, the more noise and vibrations occur.  So looking for that happy medium is always a safe option.  We would recommend a blender that has a minimum of 100 V of power in the motor to ensure a smooth dosa batter.

Container Size and Design

It may not be the first thing you think of when choosing a blender, however the capsule (or container) design is extremely important.  Especially when it comes to dosa batter.  When you are processing the lentils and rice, you need a container that has minimal dead spots/areas in the container.  Dead spots are areas where ingredients get caught and don’t mix around in the usual cycle.  These are generally deep corners in squarish containers.

Our recommendation is rounded or smooth beveled edged containers to encourage the ingredients to mix and move around while the blades are spinning.

Preset Mixing Settings

Preset programmes on the blender are very helpful for those wanting a quick set and forget blender.  It is much easier to set your blender on a pre-programmed option, rather than having to watch your blender and manually control the mixture.

The pre-programmed settings are usually recommended as they will involve a few different cycles of pulsing action and longer blitz settings to help achieve a smooth dosa batter.

Self Cleaning

The last thing you will want to consider in your next blender is the self cleaning features and on going maintenance.

Many of the top brands will include a self cleaning mode within the pre-programmed buttons.  This usually involves adding warm soapy water into the capsule and setting a cleaning cycle at a push of a button.

Other blenders are dishwasher safe, which is great for easy cleaning.

Final Verdict

Blenders are such versatile ktichen appliances.  We would recommend every home cook should have a blender that is a good all rounder.

We have identified three great options of the best blenders for making dosa batter at home.  Of the options, our favorite is the Vitamix for its versatility and quality build.

Even if you opt for one of the two other options, you won’t go wrong and will be enjoying your freshly cooked dosa at home with your family.