Top 5 Best Small Air Fryers Reviews in 2024

Tips and Reviews on Best Small Air Fryers Reviews in 2024

Well, it’s not that hard to find the top 5 best small air fryers reviews in 2024. Since you’ve come to read this article, know that, we’ll give reviews of the best small air fryers out there. So, hold on and find the functionalities and specifications of each air fryers. The diverse information on each product will help you in selecting an air fryer.

But, let us understand the necessity of small air fryers. Well, if you’ve got a small kitchen, it’s important to maintain the space. For that purpose, a small air fryer is good. However, you can use big ones too, but, that won’t help you in organizing space in your kitchen.

Air fryers don’t vary in size only, but also vary in different other factors. For example, the heat generation capacity might vary as well as the durability. Well, different air fryers come with a wide range of features and the market of air fryers is diverse. So, it’s important that you know the qualities of a good air fryer.

Best Small Air Fryers Product Reviews in 2024

First on our list is the Ninja Af161 Max Xl Air Fryer. We’ll gradually give 5 best small air fryers reviews in 2024.

  •  Ninja AF161 Max XL Air Fryer

This air fryer from the Ninja brand is the best considering the fast and efficient food frying. You might want to deep fry food items and reduce the amount of the fried food. So, the air fryer does the trick for you. Moreover, you can also save 70-75% grease with this air fryer.

On the other hand, the AF161 air fryer lets you use less oil to fry foods. That means, the air fryer circulates a great deal of hot air and does the trick. So, the oil necessary to fry the foods is leas. Talking about the temperature of the hot air, it can reach up to 450 degrees F. So, it’s evident how fast the air fryer is.

The control panel lets you use the Ninja AF161 Max XL air fryer with relative ease than the other air fryers. Moreover, there’re built-in sensors that makes the process of setting temperature and cleaning operations easier. There’s of course, a rack for placing the food items in an organized way.

Now, we’ll talk about some features of the air fryer. One of the feature is the average capacity of 5.5 quart. With that capacity, you can very well cook or fry around 3-3.5 pounds of potato fries and chicken. So, the food capacity in comparison with the size is just perfect to go by.

So, the air fryer capacity and size might be around average level. But, the frying or cooking power is extreme. With a few ingredients and creativity, you can easily cook your favorite meal in a matter of minutes. The air fryer is dishwater safe.


  • There’re 7 preset options for cooking. Less fat accumulation.
  • Control panel is easy to use. Highest temperature is 450 Degrees F.
  • Cooking capacity of 5 quart. The basket has a ceramic coating.
  • Comes with a recipe book with around 20 recipes.
  • Boil Rack


  • Cooks Faster than other Ninja Air Fryers.
  • The design is compact and convenient for easy storage.
  • Quick cooking and frying results.
  • Ultimate Crispy Foods.


  • There’s no storage facility for cord.

2) Chefman TurboFry 3.6 Quart Air Fryer Oven

Well, now on our list is the chefman turbofry 3.6 quart air fryer oven. Well, this isn’t a simple air fryer only. This is an air fryer oven. Thus, apart from the facilities of an air fryer, this air fryer also has the facilities and features of an oven as well.

By the name of TurboFry, the air fryer has powerful frying capacity. A great feature is that there’s no involvement of oil in deep frying food items. The frying is completely based on hot air circulation. On the top of that, the fat level is very low while you cook chicken, french fries, and other fatty food items.

The oil-free cooking and frying lets you have clean environment in the kitchen. Moreover, the temperature control is extraordinary and goes without any complex settings. Talking about calories, the air fryer from the Chefman brand reduces the level of calories by around 95-98%.

The shape of the air fryer is sleek and rounded. So, it’s perfect to cook for personal dinner, lunch, or breakfast. However, the temperature can range starting from 200 degrees F to up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Well, the Chefman air fryer is also easy store and has around 40% less space consumption that most brand air fryers.

The temperature control is digital and comes with a timer of an hour. So, with the digital control and the timer, the air fryer is quite easy and safe to use. Once again, the no-oil cooking feature adds to the safety compliance in a great extent. The item is non-stick and dishwater safe.


  • The display is LED digital and comes with touch feature.
  • There’re four cooking options. 70-80% less fat and calories.
  • The cooking capacity is 3.6 quart approx.


  • Auto On/Off feature.
  • Large capacity compared to Small air fryer size.
  • Dishwater safe and easy cleaning steps.
  • Cookbook is an added facility.


  • No long cord to connect with power source.

3) Dash Tasti Crisp Electric Air Fryer 1000-Watt 2.6 Quart

Now, we’ll talk about an air fryer from the Dash brand. It’s considered as one of the countertop air fryer item in the industry.  However, this air fryer also uses no oil for cooking and frying. It’s one of the best air fryers that uses highly heated air to do the cooking. Well, as a result, the air fryer is healthier as well.

The faster cooking is perfect for any chef and will produce mouthwatering food in minutes. However, it’s one of the top 5 best small air fryers around in 2024. There’re many innovative features that includes the preset options and settings. Overall, cooking is quite easy with the Dash Tasti Crisp Electric Air fryer.

Along with the no oil cooking, the air fryer produces little to no smoke to fry or cook foods. The cooking capacity is around 2.6 quart. So, it’s compatible for cooking for 1-2 persons only. But, on the other hand, the small capacity means small size and convenient storage system. Next, we’ll review the features in a gist.


  • Cooking basket of 2.6 Quart ( Non-Stick Property)
  • Easy on/off process.
  • Weight is low and fits well in small kitchen.
  • Decreases the amount of fat and oil during the cooking.


  • Up to 5 pounds of food capacity. 6 full chicken wings can be cooked.
  • Easy storage due to the compact design.
  • Cooking can be done for 2-3 people at once.
  • Dishwater safe, thus, easy cleaning process.


  • Discoloration might be a concern over long term use.

4) GoWISE USA Electric Mini Air Fryer 2 Quart

Now, this is another small and convenient air fryer. It comes from the brand GoWise USA. Well, GoWise USA brand has got several electric air fryers. But, we’re going to talk about their 2 quart mini air fryer. Well, the great thing about this air fryer is that you can easily cook for 2 people at once. It’s small but can cook for more than one.

With the 2-quart capacity, you can store the air fryer almost anywhere even if you’ve got the smallest of space around your house. It’s the best air fryer to consider for college students or someone who requires travelling often. The temperature can range in between from 180 degrees to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

There’re in total five options for preset cooking modes. Also, you can find touch screen controls to make the food cooking and frying easier. However, this air fryer is compatible with most types of food frying. You can fry bacon, reheat foods, and do many more. The astonishing fact is that none of it will require using any sorts of oil.


  • 5 preset functions with a temp range from 180 to 400 F
  • A large touchscreen display control with a 60-min timer
  • A 2-quart nonstick coating frying basket with a crisper tray
  • Come with 50 recipes and high-power heating elements


  • Perfect size for 1 to 2 people with a compact design
  • Cook food crisper, safer, and faster without preheating
  • Fancy appearance with the attractive touchscreen


  • Short electric cord

5) Chefman 2-Quart TurboFry Personal Air Fryer

Next on our list is another 2-quart airfryer. But, this time, it’s from the chefman brand. It’s also known as personal air fryer. Well, this air fryer will require some amount of oil and water to go with the cooking process. But, the end result is much better than you can expect. The fat percentage reduces by almost 98% compared to using traditional air fryers.

The air fryer has a cooking basket (detachable). Also, the auto on/off feature is great. The shut off feature has mainly a timer of 60 minutes. So, after 1 hour, you can automatically shut off the air fryer. The external coating of the air fryer is durable and doesn’t heat up as the food is cooking.


  • Temperature range is in between 200-400 degrees F.
  • Non stick coating frying basket.
  • Oil reduction in a great extent.
  • One Year warranty.


  • Easy storage due to small size.
  • Light in weight and easy carry options.
  • Preset Options up to 5.
  • Easy cleaning and dishwater safe.


  • Might have problems with auto timer shut off.

We’re now done with 5 best small air fryers reviews in 2024.

Benefits of Small Air Fryers

So, we’ve given the top 5 best air fryer reviews above. Now, let’s look at some benefits of small air fryers.

1. Healthier Cooking

Air fryers is healthy as expected. For the cooking, they can easily reduce the amount of fat and food in the oil. Overall, they cut off the fat and oil up to 90%. In most of the air fryers, the use of oil isn’t necessary.

For the ultimate crispy meat and vegetables, air fryers are perfect. Traditionally, you’ll need to cook with oil for making food items crispy. But, air fryers can do it without the use of oil. No fat also.

2. Easy to Clean

Easy removal of parts will allow you to clean an air fryer quite easily. However, another important feature of most air fryers is that they’re dishwater safe. Usually, such air fryers are easy to clean. Also, air fryers don’t require oil at all to cook foods. That lets you keep an air fryer more clean.

Overall, if you’re considering a small air fryer, they’re more easy to clean.

3. Simple Controls

The controls in most of the air fryers are digital. However, the small ones will have much simple controls. With such simple controls, you can easily manage the temperature to cook food items.

Moreover, some of the air fryers have a simple auto on/off feature which is great for any user.

FAQs about 5 Best Small Air Fryers Reviews in 2024

Are Small Air Fryers Worth it?

Well, whether an air fryer is small or big, the cooking or frying process is quite fast. So, the small air fryers are worth it consider that they’ll also be convenient for storage. On the top of that, air fryers can save time and energy regardless of the fact they’re small or big. The cooking time is relatively less.

Fried foods might take time and a lot of oil. But, many air fryers in the market can fry your favorite foods without any trace of oil. Some air fryers need oil, but that is in the least amount.

Final Thoughts on Top 5 Best Small Air Fryers Reviews

So, our topic was top 5 best small air fryers reviews in 2024. If you look at the market of air fryers, there’re lots of them. They’ll come in different sizes and also features. But, small air fryers, in general, are absolutely worth it. You’ll find it easier to store them any part of your house. Cooking Rice in Ninja Foodi.

But, always know what kind of features are suitable for your cooking. Look for those features in an air fryer when you’re going to buy one. Air fryers coming with multiple cooking options will be easier to use.

Overall, we expect that the five air fryers on our list in this article is perfect to go for anyone to buy. If you require buying one, look out the features and select any that matches your preferences. All you need to ensure is the proper features that’ll help your cooking methods. Best of luck in buying one.