How To Get Rid Of Air Fryer Smell? – Best Tips and Guides 2024

Tips and Guides on How to Get Rid of Air Fryer Smell 2024

Learn How To Get Rid Of Air Fryer Smell? – Best Tips and Guides 2024, a bit of research is always necessary. However, our article has all the elements on the topic and we’ll go through the reasons for air fryer smell. Moreover, we’ll also provide the solutions to avoid air fryer smelling.

Well, air fryers don’t need any introduction as far as we can understand. It’s been a while these cooking devices has been on the market. However, for a fact know that, air fryers are the most recent innovation in the cooking industry. They work faster than most of the cooking methods, if not all.

One great thing about air fryers is that you won’t have to use a bit of oil for the cooking. As well as, you don’t need any fat for the cooking process. Overall, if you’re looking for a healthy alternative for cooking, then air fryers are the perfect answer to consider.

With different layers of protection, air fryers can be considered as the safest cooking device. However, air fryer has its shortcomings too. They can produce smell up to a certain point. But, the reasons for air fryer smelling can be many. However, the reasons are obvious which we’ll discuss soon.

New air fryers can sometimes come with a smell. You just need to clean them up accordingly. However, after a prolonged use, food residue can be a potential reason for air fryers smelling. Next, we’ll talk about why they smell and its types.

Types of Air Fryer Smell 2024

Well, the use of air fryers has been extensive so far. It’s also expected to only rise in the next year. It’s all about the health and the fast cooking factor of air fryers.

One of the shortcomings, as we’ve already discussed about air fryers is that they can emit smell for reasons more than one. However, it’s not a matter of worry because, there’re also solutions to prevent smell.

So, among the reasons for smell, the first one can be the new product issue. New products can come with smell unexpectedly.

New Product Smell

Well, when a product arrives being completely new, it has some obvious smell. The reason can be new packaging or the insides of the air fryer. However, no need to worry just yet.

For the best results, it’s good to clean the new air fryer and use it. After cooking for few times, you’ll see that the smell has gone and it’s all okay.

Cooking Oil Residue

Well, when you cook, food or oil residue is a must. So, those residue can cause smell and at times, it can cause or emit a foul smell which is unbearable. But, good news is that air fryers can also cook without oil.

The food residue issue can be solved if you clean your air fryer every time you cook. As a result, there’ll be no concerns of food residue. Thus, there’ll be no issue of foul small or other relevant problems.

Dirty Air Filters

Well, air fryers have got air filters. Due to the clogging in the filter, it can cause a foul smell. Usually, the smell due to the air filters are unbearable and not pleasant to anyone.

The two ways to remove these type of smell are to clean the filter regularly and to change the filter, at worst case. At times, you might need to change the filter.


Well, when there’s a matter of food, bacteria accumulation is common. Know that, foods attract bacteria growth and can create a foul smell on air fryers. Once, again, to get rid of smell on air fryers, it’s important that you clean the air fryer frequently. Moreover, you need to clean after each cooking operation.

Microogranisms can grow very easily on food items. Due to the wide range of bacteria growth on foods, air fryers are prone to emit smell. In fact, if you don’t clean your air fryer properly, it’s not possible to get rid of air fryer smell. Overall, cleaning is the most efficient way to eliminate smell.

How to Get Rid of Air Fryer Smell 2024

Overall, there’re many ways through which you can get rid of air fryer smell. In the next few sections, we’re going to list out and describe the most efficient way to do so.

Cleaning the Air Fryer 

We’ve already talked about this one. Cleaning the air fryer has been the most fast and effective way to eliminate foul smell on air fryers. As we’ve already mentioned that air fryers can attract bacteria due to the food residue that it has after any cooking process.

At that time, it’s necessary that you clean the air fryer after every cooking operation. As a result, the formation of food residue and grease won’t be possible anymore. In this way, you can avoid having smell on your air fryer at home.

Grease Filters Replacement

Well, you can clean the grease and food residue. But, there’re something called “grease filter” which can emit a foul smell at times. So, what’s the solution for grease filters?

For avoiding smell coming from the grease filters, you need to consider cleaning them on a regular basis. However, it’s also recommended that you replace the filters after six or so months.

Grease Tray Replacement

Again, there’s something called grease tray as well. Grease tray basically collects oil residues. Also, it collects certain food residues.

So, after prolonged use of air fryers, the grease tray can get clogged and emit a type of smell which is unpleasant. That time, you need to check the grease tray for cleaning. If you find that the debris in the tray is too sticky, consider replacing the tray.

Air Filter Replacement

So, air filter cleaning or replacing is another option that you can consider for avoiding smell emitting from the air fryer. However, it’s better to seek out an expert for cleaning the air filter.

When you use the air fryer for months, the filter can attract a whole lot of bacteria. Basically, these bacteria can accumulate due to the food and oil residue. So, a time can come when the air filter gets damaged to a point that can’t be reversed. At that time, replacement is the only option.

Switch Off and Unplug your Machine!

Switching the air fryer off and unplugging it when the day’s cooking is over is always preferable. If you leave them on, there can still be heat generation. So, then, it can cause smells unexpectedly. So, the best practice is to completely turn them off from the power source and let the air fryer cool down over the night.

Switch off Fan and Turn Blower On

Well, there’s a fan in the air fryer, right? If you switch off fan and turn the blower mode, then it can very well blow out all the debris that has been inside of the air fryer for months.

Actually, you need to find the buttons that can do the trick. An air fryer has buttons for multiple tasks, but, you need to find the right button which can switch off the fan and turn the blower on.

What Happens if We Don’t Fix Air Fryer Smell?

Well, considering all, it’s the best to fix when your air fryer is smelling. A bad smell can very well mean clogging of debris inside the air fryer filters. So, in future, those clogs can damage the air fryer and cause accidents as well. But, there can be whole lot of other things that can happen if you don’t fix air fryer smell.

So, the first thing that can happen is the overheating. If there’re oil residue in the air fryer for a long time, it can get into the heated air mixture and cause problems. So, fire and electrical accidents might happen in this case.

Well, another thing that can happen is the bacteria accumulation. Foods and oily debris can really attract bacteria accumulation within a very short period of time. So, not fixing the food residue and debris can prove to be bad for the air fryer.

Well, not to mention that, an air fryer with bad hygiene will cook foods that are contaminated. So, bacteria and other insects can lead to allergic problems. Moreover, not cleaning the oil and grease can result in food getting burnt by the high temperatures.

Well, another thing that can happen on not fixing air fryer smell is the continuous burnt smell emission. So, this way, you can understand that there’s problem that should be solved as soon as possible. Metal corrosion is another potential occurrence that can happen due to oily debris in an air fryer.

Overall, there could be more things that can happen due to not cleaning the air fryer or fixing the smell.

Tips on Maintaining Air Fryer without Smell

Clean Regularly

Once again, the regular cleaning will keep you air fryer good for a long time. If you manage to clean them in short everyday, you’ll find that there’ll be no problems with food clogging and all.

Well, you can clean in ways more than one. You can use plain water or you could also make solution with vinegar and lemon juice. It all depends on your preference. So, regular cleaning is the first tip from us.

Use an Anti-Odor Filter

Well, if your air fryer is new and has smell due to the new packaging, you can very well use air freshener to avoid that smell. But, we’ve got another solution for those air fryers with a smelly air filter. Nowadays, there’re some air filters that comes with a feature of anti-odor. So, you can try those type of filters in your air fryer.

Finally, we’d like to say that it’s the best way to seek out an expert for installing the filter with anti odor property. It’s not preferable to change the filter by yourself as you can damage the air fryer for not having technical knowledge.

Avoid Air Fryer Overheating

You can apply the idea of having air fryers with different heating elements. That way, you can easily cook multiple types of food at once. Thus, there’ll be no concerns of odor mixture of food items.

However, touch screen and digital displays are the best to consider for some reasons. With digital displays, you can see the timer and temperature settings very easily. As a result, there’ll be no inconvenience in maintaining the air fryer.

Wash Every Parts Regularly

So, smell can occur on an air fryer for different parts. So, it’s better you clean each and every part of an air fryer, when you’re considering to clean the air fryer. You might not know which part of the air fryer is greasy or oily. Hence, take care of all the parts.

Also, look for rusts and other relevant problems when you’re trying to clean. Over time, rust formation is a common thing. But, you should ensure proper fixation for this or rusting can also cause smell at times.

 Clean Oil Residues

Oil residues are a common problem in air fryers. But, even if you cook on stovetops, oils can be the problem really. So, cleaning oil residues is the best option to consider. Without that, smell accumulation as well as bad reaction with high temperatures can occur.

That’s all on the tips for maintaining and cleaning your air fryer as to avoid smells in an air fryer.

Conclusion about Air Fryer Smell 2024

The best way to maintain your air fryer is not leave any problems unattended. If you find smell coming from your air fryer, then try and find the core reason. And then, you should go ahead to fix the related problem.

Smells coming from inside of an air fryer means that there’re food residues or oily debris inside the air fryer. Hence, it’s in the best practice to clean those residues as they start to accumulate inside the air fryer.