🥇🧅Best Knife to Chop Onions in 2024

Top 3 Reviews for the Best Knife to Chop Onions – and Buyers Guide

There is no denying cutting onions is one of those kitchen activities you wish could be done by a machine.  The tears, the smell, and the near losses of fingers makes cutting onions one of the most loathed chores when it comes to cooking.

So given onions are the base ingredient for almost all the delicious main meals what can you do to make this chore easier?

One of the best things you can do to make this chore easier and quicker is using the best knife to chop onions.

So what makes a knife a contender for the Best list for chopping onions?

In this article we are going to go through our top 3 knives for chopping onions.

We will identify the features that make these stand apart from the other readily available knives on the market.  We will also look at some features that you will want to consider before selecting the perfect knife for you.

Finally we will do a quick summary of the MUST HAVE features in the best knives to chop onions in the form of a buyers guide.

Are you ready to begin learning everything you need to know about your next knife?

Top 3 Knife Reviews for Chopping Onions

Wusthof Classic Chef’s Knife – 8 Inch 4582-20 

When it comes to a great all round chef’s knife, it would be hard to pass by the 8 inch Wusthof Classic Chef’s Knife.

Westhof is a very reputable brand in the kitchen utensils space, with most of it’s products known for their quality and longevity.

The 8 inch Classic Chef’s Knife is a staple within the Wusthof range, specifically for chopping, slicing and dicing for vegetables (or onions in our case).

As you can guess, it comprises an 8 inch blade with a 4.5 inch handle that sits snugly within your grip.  Wusthof boast an ergonomic design, to ensure comfort and safety while you are using the knife.

One feature that Wusthof believe gives them the edge over their competition (pun intended), is their Precision Edge Technology which they claim yields a 20% sharper edge retention.


  • very reputable brand known for quality
  • leading knife edge technology to ensure long lasting sharpness retention
  • very comfortable to use and well balanced


  • this classic chef’s knife is not on the budget end of the spectrum, and for good reason.  It is a quality knife.
  • doesn’t have much aesthetic appeal

Damascus Chef Knife with Unique One of a Kind Handle

Unlike the Wusthof, this knife has a lot of eye appeal.  You will know what we mean as soon as you lay your eyes on the Damascus Chef Knife.  The handle is an art piece on it’s own.  Not to mention the marbled blade of the chef’s knife.

However, the Damascus is not only a beautiful knife to look at, it has also been thoughtfully designed.  It is a perfectly balanced knife that has a double beveled edge for easier slicing of your food.

The handle not only looks fantastic, but it is also designed with safety in mind.  The closer grip design ensures knuckles are neatly tucked away and is meant to encourage the professional rocking style motion of cutting.

The prized feature of the Damascus Knife is the metal of the 6 inch blade.  It is 67 layers of of damascus steel with a 60-62 hardness level.  It has also undergone deep vacuum cooling which provides the blade with corrosion resistant properties.


  • stunning showpiece knife that will wow guests in your kitchen
  • unique 67 layer damascus steel for a sharp and corrosion resistent blade
  • comes with it’s own protective sheath


  • since this is a knife that is on show, it will require additional maintenance and care to ensure it is maintained appropriately
  • only 6 inches, which means it may not be suitable for cutting larger foods

Global 8 inch Chef’s Knife

The final knife in our top 3 best knives to chop onions is the Global 8 inch Chef’s Knife.

This is a more traditional looking knife that you would expect to see in every household.

With an 8 inch blade, this knife is precisely balanced for easy and comfortable use.

It is made of a high-tech molbdenum/vanadiumm stainless steel metal, which provides strength and precision when cutting.  The high-tech metal also retains it’s razor sharpness so you can enjoy the use of the knife for many years.

Last but not least is the infamous dimpled handle pattern design that Global have become renowned for.  The dimples provide extra safety for a tight grip, so you won’t esperience any nasty cuts and injuries.  This is especially handy when your eyes are watering from chopping onions.

It is also worthy to note that Global provide a lifetime warranty for defects and breakages of their knives.  This is always a plus in our books as it says to the consumer that the company stands behind their provides quality.


  • life time warranty on knives
  • comfortable and safe handle for a tight grip
  • made of a high-tech molbdenum/vanadiumm stainless steel metal for longevity and sharpness


  • is not budget friendly

Are you using the right cutting board?

If you are going to invest in the best knife top chop onions, you might want to consider how to take care of that knife.  The best friend you can get for your knife is the perfect cutting board that will protect your knife and prolong it’s longevity.  With the right treatment and care you will be able to use your knives for many years, if not decades.  Check out our article on the best cutting boards for protecting your knives.

What makes a knife the best for chopping onions?

Construction of the knife

When it comes to knives, the best ones are generally made from one piece of hardened steel.  This means tthe knife, from tip to handle is crafted from one strong piece of high carbon stainless steel.  The rest of the knife is usually for aesthetics and balance.  This brings us to the next feature that you should consider when buying a knife…the weight and balance.

Balance of the knife

A well constructed knife should be weighted evenly between the blade and handle.  This prevents strain on your hand and wrist when cutting, and also helps to prevent mishaps that may lead to injuries and cuts.

To test the balance of a knife, simply place your finger under the bolster (or the curve of the knife) and let is sit.  If it is constructed properly, the knife should balance perfectly on your finger.

Best Type of knife for cutting onions

The best type knife for chopping onions is called a chef’s knife.  No this does not mean you have to go out and buy an expensive professional knife (although you could if you want to!).

A chef knife is a large general knife that has a blade around 8 – 14 inches.  The chef knife has many purposes and is usually the go-to knife for general purpose cutting.  It is a must-have for any kitchen, professional or novice.

For the purposes of cutting onions, the chef knife is perfect as it it is large enough to allow you to control the thickness (or fineness) of the cut of the onion.  Whether that be rough dicing onions, or thin julienne slices, or even a fine dice of onions.

Final Verdict

There are so many knives on the market, it is hard to filter through all the options for the best knife to chop onions.

When you are looking for a knife there are particular features and aspects of a knife that you should focus on.  First off, you should be looking for a chef’s knife when you want to chop onions.  You should also look at the materials and construction of the knife, and if the knife is well balanced.

Our favorite knife to chop onions is the Wusthof Chef’s Knife which is a well balanced knife for a multitude of purposes.  However if you are looking for a showpiece knife, then may want to take a look at the Damascus Chef’s Knife with it’s unique handle and blade.