🥇🍳Flat Bottom Wok for Electric Stove in 2024

The Best Flat Bottom Wok for Cooking on Electric Stove Top

If you’re passionate about Asian cuisine but recently transitioned to living in a home equipped solely with an electric range, your culinary creations might be turning out somewhat uninspiring.

If you are reading this article, then you probably suspect the main problem – you don’t have the correct equipment to get the heat required to make those delicious recipes.

Ultimately what you need is a flat bottom wok for your electric stove, so there is maximum heat transferred  between the stove element and your wok.

Do not worry, because we have come across this exact same issue, and we have done the research so you can start enjoying your Asian home cooking once again.

Why do you need a flat bottom wok?

If you have an electric stove, investing in a flat bottom wok is a must.

A flat bottom wok is more stable and heats food more evenly, plus it is easier to clear the wok when it is hot.  If you put a round bottom wok on an electric stove, the heat will be concentrated in the center where the burner is, and the food will not cook as evenly.

Here are the benefits of a flat bottom wok:

  • It is more stable and heats food more evenly.
  • It is easier to clear the wok when it is hot.
  • It is more energy efficient.

3 Top Reviews for the Best Flat Bottomed Wok for Electric Stove Tops

Souped Up Flat Bottom Wok

One of our top 3 recommended flat-bottomed woks is the Souped Up Carbon Steel wok.

This classy looking wok is the real deal, with 12.5 inches of chiseled carbon steel with a mottled surface.  You’ll soon be enjoying a smokey stir fry in minutes delivered from this wok.

Made from a high quality carbon steel, it is light weight but has super heat conduction properties to reflect any heat adjustments within seconds.  It is has very high heat resistance to resist any flaking or damage at high temperatures – crucial in wok cooking.

We love the look, feel and most importantly the cooking experience with the Souped Up Flat Bottom Wok.


  • made from high quality carbon steel
  • mottled surface for a truly showcase cooking experience
  • nice flat bottom for efficient heat transfer from heating element


  • very limited warranty should any issues arise

Joyce Chen Flat Bottom Wok

Joyce Chen’s flat bottom wok is a traditional looking styled wok with one crucial difference – a flat bottom.

This makes it ideal for electric stove top cooking and achieving that wok like cooking experience with high heats and delicious aromas filling your kitchen.

It is constructed from heavy gauge carbon steel, which is 2mm thick – giving a professional feel to this wok.

The stay cool handles ensure your hands are not burned while tossing the wok, and their ergonomic design makes it feel comfortable in your hands.


  • ergonomic stay cool handle design for safe cooking
  • traditional look and feel with 2mm thick carbon steel
  • efficient cooking with the flat bottom to transfer heat from the heating element


  • requires seasoning upon purchase to ensure longevity

Mammafong Traditionally Hammered Chinese Wok

The last wok we would like to recommend is a true work of art.

The Mammafong blue carbon steel wok is as authentic as you can get, with a traditional hand hammered wok.  It looks and feels like you are cooking in the olden times.

With a beautiful blue ethereal look to the carbon steel, and wooden handle you will want to display this wok in your home kitchen.

What we love about this particular wok is that it comes pre-seasoned.  Actually, not just pre-seasoned, Mammafong claims it is “super-seasoned”.  This means each Mammafong wok is sealed with a blend of natural oils at extremely high heats.  This produces a non-stick coating on the wok – allowing the ingredients to cook in their own juices without sticking to the metal.

Mammafong woks are double baked, allowing the natural oils to penetrate deep in the pores of the carbon steel – meaning you have a head start in your wok cooking adventures.


  • beautiful blue carbon steel look and traditional feel giving you a truly authentic wok cooking experience
  • super-seasoned before you even start, saving you months of seasoning in your home
  • efficient cooking with the flat bottom to transfer heat from the heating element


  • requires maintenance to maintain integrity and seasoned coating at home


What should I look for in a wok with a flat bottom? – Buyers Guide

A Flat Bottom

This may sound obvious, however there are a few things you will need to do before making your purchase.  You shouldn’t buy just any flat bottom wok.  It should be a wok that is the approximate diameter as your electric stove’s element.

The reason for this is if the flat bottom is too big, the stove element won’t be big enough to transfer sufficient heat up the sides of the wok.

If the flat bottom is too small, you risk heating and burning the handles of the wok.  This can cause safety issues like melting the handles.  Or much worse, heating the handles to the point they burn your hands when you try to toss the wok’s ingredients.

Final Verdict

A wok is a key instrument that is used to cook a good deal of Asian cuisine.

It has a way of instilling the all important smokey char taste into foods, such as stir-fry noodles and fried rice.

However, the traditional shape of a wok is rounded, to suit a gas stove top where flames can heat the full wok instrument.

This does not work on an electric stove top.  Using a wok on an electric stove is inefficient and will not yield the same delicious results when compared to a gas stove.

This gap can be rectified with a flat bottomed wok.  We have recommended our top 3 flat bottomed woks for electric stoves.

You can be confident in choosing any one of our recommendations and be enjoying your home cooked asian stir frys sooner rather than later.