Healthiest Cooking Utensils in 2024

The Healthiest Cooking Utensils you can Find for Your Home Kitchen

For healthy cooking, it’s important to have the right cooking tools.

It can be tough to determine which cooking tools are the healthiest. There are a lot of factors to consider, like the materials used and what the tools are used for.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the healthiest cooking utensils you can find for your home kitchen.

3 Best Healthiest Cooking Utensils for Home Cooking

Home Hero Silicone Cooking Utensils 

In this value packed set of stainless steel utensils, you receive 25 pieces to cover pretty much all your cooking needs.

Each piece is wonderfully crafted from 430 grade stainless steel which provides durability and longevity.

The utensils in this set also look stylish with a ergonomic rubber grip and handy hanging hook holes so you can display your utensils on your kitchen rails for that cottage home look.

Cleaning is a breeze with the Home Hero utensils which are dishwasher safe so you can conveniently place them on a rinse cycle once you are finished cooking.


  • value packed with 25 pieces stainless steel utensils
  • durable and sturdy 430 grade stainless steel
  • dishwasher safe for easy cleaning


  • some customers have complained about the can opener and its lack of usability

DocGrit Kitchen Silicone Utensil Set

The next utensil set we recommend to use with stainless steel cookware is the silicone based utensil set by DocGrit.

This set is another one that provides great value – especially for the beginner home cook that is only just beginning to set up their kitchen.  With 38 pieces in this set, it comes complete with measuring cups and spoons, a grater and even its own hanging hooks set.

You will be hard-pressed to find a better set that provides more value!

As we mentioned in the buyer’s guide, silicone is one of our preferred materials when it comes to non-toxic cooking.  And the DocGrit does not disappoint – they use a food grade silicone that is BPA free and can be heated to high temperatures without warping or releasing toxic chemicals.

These stylish utensils also have an ergonomic wooden handle to prevent heat conducting through the handle and reducing burns.


  • extra value with 38 pieces included in this utensil set
  • food grade silicone utensils for safe non-toxic cooking
  • wooden handles for reduced likelihood of burns


  • with the wooden handle, we would not recommend placing utensils in the dishwasher

U-Taste Silicone Spatula Set

Did we mention we like silicone?  So surprise surprise our last and final recommendation for the best cooking utensils for stainless steel is also silicone based.  However, with one unique difference to the previous set – the entire utensil is made out of silicone.

This feature is particularly useful as it overcomes the short-comings of the previous set because these particular utensils ARE dishwasher friendly.

We are a big fan of the U-Taste silicone utensils as they provide the strength and durability that you would find in harder materials like nylon or stainless steel.  But it also accommodates a degree of flexibility to get into those hard to reach crevices in the pans.

The silicone in U-Taste utensils can be heated up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 316 °C) without releasing any toxins and is of course food grade quality.


  • dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • fantastic to look at with their uniform colors of your choosing
  • high food grade quality silicone


  • only comes with 4 utensils

The Buyers Guide for Non Toxic Cooking Utensils

Let’s take a quick look at the common materials that are available on the market and which one you should choose for the best non-toxic spatulas in your kitchen tool kit.

Plastic Utensils

Plastics are the primary reason why people have turned to non toxic materials.

The reason plastics release chemicals while cooking is due to how plastics properties change when heated or soaked in acidic solutions.

You will often see plastic products advertising that they are BPA free.  This means that the product you use does not have Bisphenol A – which is a toxic substance that has adverse side affects on the human body when ingested.  Unfortunately when a substance that contains BPA is heated, it is released and absorbed into the food that is consumed.

Whether a prduct advertises that it is BPA free or not, we generally recommend sticking with non-plastic utensils if non toxic properties are high on your preferences.


Glass is one of the safer materials to use when it comes to toxic free cookware.  It is great for storing foods in and serving hot foods on the dinner table.  Unfortunately due to the fragile nature of glass, it is not a particularly reliable material for spatulas to be made from.  Therefore, leave glass for Tupperware containers and crockery.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a great choice when it comes to utensils.  It is strong, durable and generally speaking non-reactive to heat.  In other words, it won’t release chemicals when heated.  It will however conduct the heat, so be careful not to burn your hands and try to avoid leaving it resting on a hot pot or pan.

One of the draw backs with stainless steel is that it is not friendly towards non-stick coatings and you can find it leaving scratches and chips in expensive cookware.

We recommend pairing stainless steel spatulas with non-coated cookware, such as woks.  Then you won’t have to worry about removing the non-stick coating and bits and pieces potentially been ingested in your food.


For spatulas, it may sound surprising however we actually highly recommend finding a silicone spatula.  Due to its plastic and rubbery feel, you would think silicone is one of the main culprits for leaking chemicals into your food.  However, people often mistake silicone as a plastic, and conclude that it is toxic.

Silicone is actually inert and made from silica and sand quartz, unlike plastic which is made from other toxic chemicals such as petrochemicals.

Silicone spatulas are actually one of the most dynamic and useful tools in the kitchen.  It can be used for a variety of purposes like baking cakes, mixing, and even on high heats for stir frys.

Final Verdict

As more people cook from home, the awareness of healthy cooking is becoming a bigger movement.  Individuals are conscious about the potential for chemicals and unwanted toxins sneaking into the food they are putting into their bodies.

To help peoples quest to living a toxin free life, we have put together a helpful buyers guide to step them through the process of selecting the best utensils for their circumstances.

We have also compiled a top 3 list of our favorite sets of cooking utensils for healthy home cooking.

Here’s to a toxic free future!