What Are the Best Potatoes for French Fries? – Tips and Guides 2024

Tips and Guides on Choosing Best Potatoes for French Fries 2024

Do you want to know the best potatoes to cook french fries for your family? If so, keep reading. The article will show you the greatest potatoes for french fries and give you suggestions on how to make french fries.

French fries are trendy now. China produces and consumes the most French fries (20 million tons annually), followed by Russia (7 million tons) and the US (2 million tons). They are sold at McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC.

In the US, French fries refer to any fried elongated potato meal. In other English-speaking countries, it refers to a variety that is extra-crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Even among French fries, there are regional variations. But why is it usually called French fries? Is it French? But first, let’s learn more about French Fries.

What are French Fries?

French fries are fried potatoes. French fries are frequently salted immediately after frying. Before serving, sprinkle them with pepper or paprika powder.

A snack, side dish or appetizer. French fries go well with ketchup or mayonnaise, but also with mustard, vinegar, and taco sauce.

The Origin of French Fries

To locate the best potatoes for French Fries, you must first understand the dish’s genesis. Belgian fries are thought to have originated (which is where the French originate from).

But there’s no proof it came from there. It could be a myth or a way to promote Belgium.

Thomas Jefferson, then US Minister to Versailles in 1789-90, introduced the American version of French fries after trying them for the first time.

It is also contested that Napoleon Bonaparte’s army called fried potatoes “French.” Even though no one knows how French fries were originated, they are considered an American staple.

Because French fries were so popular over the world 100 years ago, it’s likely that this dish originated outside of France or Belgium. They are now eaten globally.

Foods with French Fries

Consider the rest of the meal while selecting potatoes for French fries. Your supper will be more nutritious. Burgers and hot dogs can also be a major course. A whole dinner can be made with French fries with steak, cheese and bacon.

Combine them with chicken, fish, or tofu for a healthy variation. If you want something a little more unusual, try mixing it with pizza, pasta, or rice.

French fries are frequently utilized in a variety of recipes that may appear strange. Sweet potato French fries, for example. These are fried in the same way as conventional French fries, but they have a sweeter flavor and include more nutrients.

They’re usually given as an appetizer in restaurants, but you may make them at home if you want. Sweet potatoes can be seasoned with salt or pepper to make them taste like regular potatoes.

Shoestring potatoes (extremely thin), crinkle-cut (wavy style), straight cut (larger sized pieces), and waffle fries are some of the other forms of French fries (square-shaped).

What are the Best Potatoes for French Fries?

Making the perfect french fries is simple, but you must use the greatest potatoes. For example, baking french fries is not the same as frying or even whipping potatoes.

You can use russet potatoes, but there are other options that may better fit your needs and tastes.

The first step is to decide on your preferred frying method. Those potatoes won’t work as well when baked or cooked at home without a deep fryer. Here are some amazing choices.

Russet Potato

Russet potatoes -The most common potato for baking and mash is the russet. Its buttery flavor and creamy texture make it a favorite in many cuisines worldwide. Russets are great for making french fries.

They are strong enough to withstand deep-frying without breaking apart when removed from the oil. These potatoes absorb less grease than ordinary fried potatoes, but still taste wonderful. This is my favorite potato for french fries.

Yukon Gold Potatoes

French Fry Freak’s favorite potato is the Yukon Gold. You may use Yukon Golds in a wide variety of ways to make baked goods or fries. Mash them up, and you’ll be in heaven.

There’s a creamy interior with a thin skin that’s easy to consume. It can be fried, microwaved, roasted, or boiled, to name just a few options.

Red Potatoes

While it comes to low-fat cooking, red potatoes are ideal because of their wet, thin skin and waxy texture, which prevents them from absorbing oil when frying or baking.

To get a classic, domestic feel to your cuisine with this potato, use it in place of other types of potatoes.

Blue Potatoes

Because blue potatoes have less starch and more nutritional value than russet, red, or yellow potatoes, they are the most nutritious potatoes to use in your French fries meal.

They’re also adaptable enough to be used in a variety of meals, from salads to soups, and in certain cases, they can even be used in place of sweet potatoes! It’s no surprise that it’s gaining popularity these days!

Yellow Potatoes

Yellow potatoes are versatile and go well with many meals, but their tendency to absorb oil and crisp up makes them ideal for fried dishes!

Of course, their high carbohydrate content means they can’t be eaten like this every day. This is one of my favorite potatoes for french fries.

Why the Best Potatoes for French Fries?

This is a relatively popular question with an intriguing response. This is because well prepared fries taste fantastic. However, not many people understand that there are multiple ways to skin a cat, and that potatoes cook differently depending on the season, when purchased (late at night or early in the morning), and the variety.

Because organic potatoes contain less starch than ordinary potatoes, they require less oil to fry and absorb less fat. Red-skinned potatoes vs. russets, or even within the category of russets, “Western Russets” vs. “Atlantic Russets” make a difference (both in color and flavor).

The easiest approach to make use of these distinctions is to choose the best potatoes for French fries based on how crispy you want your fries to be. Regular? Thicker? Thinner? Is it better to go with a lighter or darker color, or vice versa?

It’s also best if you don’t fry them twice in two different batches, as this will result in lower-quality French fries. If you’re frying for others, it’s a good idea to warn them that the potato itself may turn out differently than intended; you shouldn’t blame the oil or the frying equipment.

What More to Make French Fries?

French fries are cut potatoes. Then they’re cooked in oil till crispy (or occasionally lard). They’re yummy and perfect for dipping!

To make this delicious side dish, you only need the best potatoes for French Fries. Read on to learn more.

Fryer Appliances

French fries can be fried in a pan, a deep fryer, or an air fryer. Each method has pros and cons. Let’s find the best method for you.


This is a tried-and-true method for frying French fries. Pour in enough cooking oil to completely submerge the fries while frying. Then, over medium heat, heat the pan until it barely begins to smoke. Pour a drop of water into the oil to see if it’s ready.

If bubbles form, it’s hot enough! If you put your fries to a cold pan, they will clump together and lose their crispiness. Also, don’t overcrowd your pan! Too many fries in the oil at once lowers the temperature, resulting in a sog-potato disaster. Fry one large batch, then another.

Deep Fryer

It’s convenient because you can watch the food cook while saving room on your stovetop! For this procedure, clean oil or fat (ideally with a high smoke point, such as peanut oil) should be used.

If the oil temperature is too low, French fries won’t cook properly, and even worse, oil leakage may occur! Too hot and you get dark brown fries that are charred on the outside but still uncooked on the inside.

Air Fryer

The best way to acquire a nutritious food is to choose the best potatoes for French fries and then cook them in an air fryer. Throughout the frying process, keep an eye on the temperature and keep it between 325°F (160°C) and 375°F (190°C).

This strategy is quite practical! It will cook your food evenly on the inside and out thanks to all of the circulating super-hot air, so you won’t have to flip them over with a spatula or anything.

Cook at between 175°C and 200°C (347F-392F), which is lower than frying in a skillet but still above deep frying. It’s better for you if you use less oil! Only enough oil to coat the bottom of the air fryer basket is necessary.

Frying Oil

If you’re making French fries in a pan or deep fryer, the frying oil is vital to your cuisine and your health. This includes not only the best potatoes for French fries but also every element in a recipe.

Using high-quality oil prevents greasy and soft French Fries. Long-fry potatoes soak up more oil. This is due to their size and water content (both of which affect how much oil they absorb).

For example, olive oil is nutritious yet pricey, making it unsuitable for frying. Vegetable oil makes fries oily. Sunflower or corn oil is ideal (popular in America).


Salt is another essential element to make your French Fries a better side dish. Aside from the best potatoes for French fries, there are many salts to pick from while creating this fast snack.

Here are a few with pros and downsides. You can also learn more about other spices.

Table Salt

It’s a cheap technique to give French fries enough sodium. But it’s not as good as sea or rock salt. Another problem of table salt is that it contains several undesired elements that might make your fries bland.

Table Salt, on the other hand, offers your French Fries a characteristic salty flavor that goes well with ketchup or mayonnaise.

Sea Salt

Unlike table salt and rock salts, sea salt is superior in quality. It also enhances the natural flavors of foods without adding too much salt.

Other Kinds of French Fries

Aside from picking the best potatoes for French fries, you should study more about this meal. It will improve your knowledge and recipes.

Most people think french fries are thin cut. But there are more possibilities if you want to shake it up! Steak fries are twice the size of regular fries and chopped thicker.

These wedge-cut french fries are easy to cook at home. Because they’re peeled, these potatoes have less starch than regular fries. This amusing choice is available at your favorite burger joint or fast food establishment. Waffle cuts are like steak fries, but with extra ridges for seasoning. The thicker waffles absorb more oil when frying, making them crispier.

The Difference between White and Russet Potatoes

They’re both excellent for making french fries. After cooking, white potatoes have a thinner skin and become drier, waxier, and more floury. Russet potatoes have a brown-skinned covering that is tough to peel, as well as a dry texture that cooks up easily.

They work best when baked or fried. The biggest distinction between white and russet potatoes after cooking is in their textures. White potatoes are fluffier than russets because they have less starch.

This means that when the potato flesh cooks, there is less binding of water molecules within the cells, allowing more steam to escape during the cooking process, resulting in a fluffier tuber at the end. If you prefer fluffy mashed potatoes, substitute white potatoes for russets.

Are Yukon Gold Potatoes Good for Frying?

For many people, the Yukon Gold potato cultivar is their favorite. When consumed, they have a pleasing taste and texture. Yukon potatoes are renowned for their flexibility, which includes the ability to be fried.

Because they have a low water content, these tubers cook up well in a variety of oils. However, the sort of oil you use to fry your potatoes will determine whether they are healthy or unhealthy after cooking.

Final Thought about Best Potatoes for French Fries

It’s critical to select a nice potato if you want fries that are crispy on the exterior and fluffy on the inside. The greatest potatoes for french fries will provide you with the best fries you’ve ever had.

I’ve covered a lot of other components of cooking wonderful fries in this article, and it would be a shame if someone tried to prepare them without understanding everything! Aside from discussing the best potatoes for french fries, I also discuss frying oil, salt, and several types of dipping sauces.