How to Cook Rice in Ninja Foodi

Using the Ninja Foodi To Cook Rice

It’s common knowledge that you can spend hours simmering rice on your stove, but imagine being able to achieve the same result with your microwave. Interestingly, cooking rice in the microwave takes about the same amount of time as it does on the stove. But what’s the secret behind this method? Start by locating your Ninja Foodi. If you’re yet to own one, you can purchase it from a preferred store or explore our Best Asian Rice Cooker recommendations.

What is the Ninja Foodi?

The Ninja Foodi is a super-fast way to make your rice. It is also extremely versatile in that it can be used to make soup, pasta, stir fries, oatmeal, and a whole bunch of other foods that typically require a slow cooker or stove top cooking.

After connecting the Ninja Foodi to your wall outlet, plug in your rice cooker (and the power cord if you haven’t already done so), then give it a quick charge. It should take between five to 15 minutes to get fully charged. Once it is charged, start cooking by hitting the microwave button on the top. The device will tell you when it is done by beeping and a green light will illuminate.

When your rice is cooked, place the lid on the top of the Ninja Foodi and set the timer for one minute.

How does the Ninja Foodi work?

Simply insert the included mini

coffee cup into your Ninja Foodi and turn the appliance on. Set the desired

timer for your rice to cook for 10 minutes. It’s really that simple.

Is it safe?


Who should not use the Ninja Foodi

Okay, so many people use microwaves. You probably do it yourself at home without a lot of thought, so it’s really okay. For people who are lactose intolerant or sensitive to the microwave, however, this appliance might not be for you.

How hot should the food be when microwaving rice?

The exact temperature at which your food is cooked will vary based on its variety, but typically it should be a comfortable temperature for your mouth, stomach, and intestines.

The Rice Setting

To get started, you need to choose a setting. Simply place the lid on top of the Ninja Foodi and press the Start button. The Foodi will automatically set itself and begin heating your bowl. To turn off, you need to lift up the lid.

Set the Rice Setting

To adjust the temperature to your preference, press the select button. By default, the foodie will start at 250 degrees. You can also set the Foodi to start at a lower temperature for pressure cooking, such as 175 degrees for brown rice or 165 degrees for short-grain rice. If you want the Foodi to cook rice at a higher temperature, you can adjust the temperature by pressing the + or – button.

The Hot Rotation Button

For really delicate rice, such as brown rice, you may want to turn the rotation on.

The Pasta Setting

It’s also important to make sure you set the proper cooking temperature, as shown in the image above. The Ninja Foodi does not automatically change the temperature when you select a cooking program, so you must either select the “To cook” program or start a new program. Alternatively, you can also set the temperature yourself.

After you’ve selected a cooking program, select the white heating plate. The cook temperature is shown below, although it is often left up to you to select the correct temperature. If you have a Ninja Quick Start Program or Quick Start Program 2, you will only need to set it to “Medium,” which is the same temperature for most microwaves.

Watch As The Rice Grows

Once the program is selected, select the rice setting. Rice should start growing.

One Pot Meal

If you’re in a rush and need a meal that only takes a few minutes to prepare, look no further than a one-pot dinner. You’ll start off with one pot-style rice. Place your rice in your Ninja Foodi and microwave for 2 minutes. After you remove the rice from the microwave, combine it with the noodles, broth, and seasoning packets. Toss your ingredients and cook for another 2 minutes.

Lunch Box

This is the easiest way to quickly prep a lunch box. Mix your meat and vegetables in a container and use your Ninja Foodi to heat them up in the microwave. Pop them in and within a few minutes you can eat your meal.

Cake in a Cup

Cookies in a cup, anyone? This is a simple but incredible dessert. You can prepare your cookie dough on the Ninja Foodi.


So there you have it! What are some foods you can make in your Ninja food maker? Do you have another helpful guide to make this a daily habit? Share your favorite recipes below in the comment section!