Does Air Fryer Use A Lot Of Electricity

Air Fryer Using A Lot Of Electricity

Do Air Fryers Consume A High Amount Of Electricity? Air fryers are exceptional kitchen appliances that significantly cut down on oil usage and cooking time for your meals. Nonetheless, they all rely on electric power to function. The question arises, do air fryers all have a high electric consumption? We’ll explore this query by looking at it from two distinct angles to provide a comprehensive answer.

The amount of electricity that an electric and air fryer consumes is determined by the make and model of the machine, as well as the capacity and the amount of time it’s on. Air fryers typically consume between 1,400 and 1,800 watts of electricity, which amounts to between 1.4 and 1.8 kWh of energy per hour.

Throughout this post, we will discuss how the number of watts an air fryer uses translates to kWh and the cost of using it. You can decide whether buying an air fryer is the right choice for you and your family based on this information.

Stand Alone Air Fryer Wattage

An air fryer certainly comes across as an economical appliance when you consider all of the benefits it offers. The wattage of most air fryers ranges between 800W and 2175W.

The average wattage of air fryers is 1425W. The higher the wattage, the higher the temperature it can generate. In a regular oven, wattage ranges between 1000W and 5000W, or 2400W on average.

On the surface, the air fryer is more energy efficient. Furthermore, an air fryer generally cooks food faster than a conventional fryer, so the odds are definitely in its favor. Fries in an air fryer, for example, take about 10 minutes rather than 20-30 minutes in an oven.

The Size & Power Of An Air Fryer

The size of your air fryer is a significant factor in how much electricity it requires. Those who want to cook more food can benefit from a larger air fryer. It is ideal for those looking to save time and money through batch cooking or simply have a larger family and therefore more mouths to feed. The more food you cook, the more power it will need.

An air fryer cooks food by heating the air in a confined space to a high enough temperature. There’s going to be a great deal of the power required to heat an area that has a large space and therefore a large amount of air capacity.

Settings & Electricity

Most modern air fryers have a variety of settings, especially ultra-modern models.

Digital controls allow you to adjust the machine according to the food you’re cooking and several other factors, such as cooking time, well doneness, and capacity.

Certain settings will increase the amount of power required to run the machine in this case.

Through the option to turn on the light within the machine, this machine can use more or less power based on the settings. By turning on the light on the front of the air fryer, you can see your food better.

What You Cook In An Air Fryer & Electricity

In your air fryer, the food you cook can alter how much electricity is consumed in two ways. There are two factors: the amount of food and how long it takes for the food to cook.

In an air fryer, cooking a chicken breast may take 15 minutes, but cooking two breasts may take 20 minutes. Cooking two chicken breasts in an air fryer might take 20 minutes, but cooking frozen fries might only take 15 minutes.

Air fryers consume electricity depending on how long they are left on, and the amount of time it needs to be on will also be determined by the type of food and the quantity.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many ways to avoid this problem. If you have to cook 3 chicken breasts for 3 people then you will have to cook 3 chicken breasts, regardless of how much electricity it will consume.

In comparison to using the air fryer twice, stacking your air fryer using an air fryer rack or using an air fryer basket splitter will be more energy-efficient if you plan to cook in batches or for a large number of people.


The size of air fryers is smaller than traditional ovens, so there is less space to keep warm and heat up, to begin with. By maintaining your air fryer properly and keeping all the air holes clean and free of build-up, your machine will work efficiently and save you energy by not working harder than it has to.