How To Use Power Xl Air Fryer

Using Power Xl Air Fryer

Utilizing the Power XL Air Fryer: A Guide. Crispy and fried dishes are popular favorites, given their simplicity in preparation and delicious taste. Yet, with the fast-paced nature of our professional lives, we seek convenient methods to indulge in tasty meals.

Air fryers are another way to give you extreme comfort while frying the food. We recommend you use a Power Xl air fryer that offers you comfort while frying the food; it can also help you bake multiple things in it. So, in the following guide, we have covered you professionally how to use Power Xl air fryer in routine.

Important Information

Before we get started, let’s know about the components that are included in the package. 

  • Fryer basket
  • Handle
  • Additional basket for outer use
  • Air intake and outlet vent
  • Digital controls

How To Use Power XL Air Fryer

The first thing we have to understand before using the air fryer is the use of its controls. The controls include a power button used once the fryer basket is correctly placed in the central unit. Pressing the button once will set the fryer on its default setting that 370° F temperature and 15 minutes of cooking time. Pressing the power button again will start the process, and if you press the power button between the process, it will turn off the air fryer. The power button will stay red until the process is finished, and it will remain blue if the process is stopped or not started yet.

Now, if we talk about the timer control buttons, they are pretty easy to control if you are not using the default settings. By the + button, you can increase the cooking time, and by the – button, you can decrease the cooking time. Long pressing any of them will rapidly change the cooking time.

Similar controls are given for the temperature controls as well. The temperature controls range from 180°F – 400°F.

There are some present choices in the corner, such as fries, meat, shrimps, etc. You can choose them according to your preferences. The timer and temperature display is in front of the air fryer. You can refer to them to check the remaining cooking time and temperature.

How To Use Power Xl Air Fryer Without Using Presets

Once you are familiar with the device and want to experiment with your recipes, you can decide the temperature according to your choice and preheat the fryer by putting the empty basket inside for 2 or 3 minutes.

Things To Do Before Using The Air Fryer For The First Time

The first thing you have to do is remove all the stickers, plastics, and labels from the air fryer. Once you are done with it, you have to wash the inner and outer basked with soap. You can also use a dishwasher to wash the baskets. Now you can clean it with any dry cloth, so it is ready to provide you with healthy, oil-free food.

Note: never put oil inside the inner basket; the air fryer uses hot air to fry the food. Therefore, no oil is required.

Before plugging the switch in the outlet, make sure you have placed the air fryer on a stable surface that is heat resistant too. Sometimes the air fryer gets too hot, and if the surface is not heat resistant, it will either melt or burn.

Another thing you have to do is to keep the air fryer plugged into the not more than 110V outlet. Moreover, you should also never put anything above the fryer if anything is cooking inside, and you have to keep the vents open.

How Can You Shake The Food During The Cooking Process

Some foods have to be shaken between the cooking process to ensure the best results. Therefore, if you want to shake the food frying inside the Power Xl air fryer, you have to open up the basket and gently pull it out. Once it comes outside, you can easily shake the food and then put it back again. While doing this process, make sure that the power button shows blue light while removing the basket.

Caution: the air fryer can be very hot sometimes. Therefore, it is essential to wear oven gloves while doing anything related to the air fryer.

Final Verdict

We have tried to briefly explain how to use the power Xl air fryer. Please read the instructions properly and follow them to use the air fryer in an ideal way.#